Monday, May 26, 2014

Zone Activities & Meetings

This week was a nice one, but we almost got no missionary work done. Because our area is at the bottom of the mission, we have to travel forever to get to any of our stake/zone stuff. This week we had an activity with half of the mission in Manchester on Thursday. We had to leave on Wednesday and stay at another flat and then the activity went too long so we ended up not making the last train back to Newtown that day so we had to stay in the Shrewsbury flat. We came back on Friday, and then on Saturday we left at one to make it to the Saturday evening session of stake conference. And then we stayed the night there and went to stake conference in the morning. We stayed in four different missionary flats this week including our own. That was pretty fun, but it wasn't that great of a week for sleep because I was always sleeping on couches and armchairs and stuff. Oh well. It was still really fun.
When we were at the activity thingy, President Preston talked to us about being courteous and polite and stuff.  He also talked about being humble and stuff, which I guess I could probably do better on. I don't want to be known as the missionary that just thinks he's better than everyone else.
We also had a talent show and a relay race thingy that day. I played Moonlight Sonata again, because it's one of the only songs I remember all the way through still. I would have played a hymn, but I'm pretty sure everyone is super tired of hearing the hymns. So that was nice. Then we had the relay race and I had to race someone to eat a bagel. I didn't eat it very fast, but it was fun.
At Stake conference, we had Elder Donaldson, who I'm pretty sure his name is spelled different than how I just spelled it. He was funny. Something that I remember at stake conference was to just be happy and keep doing what's right. Hopefully this week I will get to do more missionary work because there aren't any special things going on. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

Monday, May 19, 2014

New area - FaceTime Mother's Day Call


This week was pretty boring, nothing too exciting happened. We ran into an investigator that has been hard to contact yesterday and we taught him a lesson. That was nice, because supposedly he was really good before I got here, although the first thing he said to us when we got in was that he wouldn't convert. That's alright, we know better, don't we? ;)

Anyways, I don't remember if I told you, but Elder G is from Utah.  We have a lot of fun.  Newtown is really small. There is some other towns that we went to on Thursday, but we had to get a ride with a member, but that was nice. We go down and see less-actives that will probably not come back for a while because at the moment the place where we meet for church is about and hour and a half drive away from them. Also, because we're just renting a little hall, it looks like the Kingdom hall, just fyi. 

I don't really have anything else to say. Keep the commandments, read the scriptures. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

Mother's Day Call run down from (Mom) Amy:

I figured out a way to screen record the call, so I can go back and listen to it whenever I am missing him and his big smile.  He told us in his new flat/apartment there is a Keyboard.  He is pretty happy about that.  He said that he's fed just about every day that he's been there so far.
He said that this area that he's in right now is one of the biggest, if not the biggest in his mission.  He said it's made up of a lot of people from Birmingham.  Some of the signs and such are in Welch, but everyone speaks English.  He told us his clothes and shoes are still holding up fine.  He said that even though he's in a bike area they are mostly on foot because one of the bikes has a flat tire.  He told us his new companion is from the same town in UT that he will be attending college in when he gets home.  (Snow College).  He asked us if he sounded different (in his speech).  He sounded pretty normal to us.    He thought we sounded weird.  (No English accent.)  I asked him what advise he had for those preparing for a mission.  He said, Read The Book of Mormon.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Haha, woops, I forgot to tell you this week would be a bank holiday didn't I?
This week was nice. It's tempting to not just say anything and make you wait until Sunday, but I guess that wouldn't help the missionaries who can only see what I send out anyways, would it?
Last week, Elder T found two new investigators while I was gone on exchange. Sort of a third as well. It's pretty exciting, except for I haven't met them and I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning because it's transfers! But at least the area is doing good now that I'm leaving. ;)

So I'm going to Newtown, which is the furthest area south in the mission. I'm going to be in a branch this time. I'm pretty sure I'm always going to be in pretty small wards because they are the ones that need people to play the piano... I get to be ward pianist again. Yay. Haha, at least now I can play all the hymns instead of the three that I could play in seminary. My companion's name is Elder G.  I think he's from California. I can't think of anything else to say. My next area is a bike area. I'm pretty excited. Bye!

For Mother's Day - OK! I will come on Skype about two o'clock I think. That's when we are planning on doing it anyways, so see you then!
Elder Ferguson

The picture of Elder Ferguson is one I got from a member of the church in England that likes to watch out for all of our missionaries and was nice enough to send me this today.  (This picture is from today!  Transfers were today.)  She wanted to get more, but her batteries in her camera died.  That's ok.  At least we got this one.  :)  -  Amy