Monday, May 26, 2014

Zone Activities & Meetings

This week was a nice one, but we almost got no missionary work done. Because our area is at the bottom of the mission, we have to travel forever to get to any of our stake/zone stuff. This week we had an activity with half of the mission in Manchester on Thursday. We had to leave on Wednesday and stay at another flat and then the activity went too long so we ended up not making the last train back to Newtown that day so we had to stay in the Shrewsbury flat. We came back on Friday, and then on Saturday we left at one to make it to the Saturday evening session of stake conference. And then we stayed the night there and went to stake conference in the morning. We stayed in four different missionary flats this week including our own. That was pretty fun, but it wasn't that great of a week for sleep because I was always sleeping on couches and armchairs and stuff. Oh well. It was still really fun.
When we were at the activity thingy, President Preston talked to us about being courteous and polite and stuff.  He also talked about being humble and stuff, which I guess I could probably do better on. I don't want to be known as the missionary that just thinks he's better than everyone else.
We also had a talent show and a relay race thingy that day. I played Moonlight Sonata again, because it's one of the only songs I remember all the way through still. I would have played a hymn, but I'm pretty sure everyone is super tired of hearing the hymns. So that was nice. Then we had the relay race and I had to race someone to eat a bagel. I didn't eat it very fast, but it was fun.
At Stake conference, we had Elder Donaldson, who I'm pretty sure his name is spelled different than how I just spelled it. He was funny. Something that I remember at stake conference was to just be happy and keep doing what's right. Hopefully this week I will get to do more missionary work because there aren't any special things going on. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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