Monday, April 28, 2014

Indexing /Transfers soon/ Curry Smell

Here's a little video that explains about indexing, that Elder Ferguson talks about in his letter, from the familysearch website:  
Just click on this link BELOW:  They have several short video clips to walk you through it.


Well, this week was nice. Yesterday I did indexing and it was great. Everyone should do it it's really easy, just go to and click on indexing!
It's super easy, I bet Dad could even learn to do it on the Mac. You just type the names in. I think that all of the youth are going to get super involved now because they can do gospel stuff with technology. You should definitely teach Jessica and Spencer and maybe Paul how to do it so they have something fun to do on Sunday. 

This week we have been doing some tracting and in between doors, we talk about weird things. This week we decided that we are addicted to oxygen. And water and food and stuff too. We also tracted into a born-again who said that he was praying against us. Heh. He also told us that we didn't know the Bible. I find that kind of ironic considering that Jesus Christ specificaly says in the New Testament to pray for your enemies. Oh well, some people just don't really understand the purpose of prayer or the laws that govern the answering of prayers. It was pretty funny. :)

On exchange this week, I saw a missionary hit a bumble bee to the ground and step on it. That was interesting. One of my favorite quotes from this week was, 'I'm just here for the chippy.' 

This week is transfer planning which means that next week is transfers. I am pretty excited because I am almost definitely leaving. I hope I go to Chorley so I can go to the temple on Pdays when we have bank holidays, we have a lot this time of year. 

The week before this one, or possibly the week before that, I made a curry and I messed it up bad. I still don't exactly know what happened, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I left the chicken on the pan while I tried to dump out the curry sauce and the sauce was a little bit thicker than I had expected so it took a while and I think I burned the chicken in the meantime... Haha. I could still smell it for two days afterwards... 

Well, I actually can't think of anything else to say this week. The hymn that I like best right now is 272, Oh Say What is Truth. I wish I could index on the computers at the library, but you have to install a program and the computers won't let you. I have way too much time on here... Bye!

Elder Ferguson

hmm… Actually, I will probably be transferred on May 7th, so I will probably not know about my companion or my area until then. It would probably be best if you could get home from church five minutes early in case my companion is a  Utah missionary and is in the same situation. Next week I will know where I'm going and who my companion is so I can at least tell you a little then.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Learning about Accountability

Well, this week was Easter so the libraries were all closed. That is why if you are a missionary and already emailed me twice you have two emails from me now, and that's also why I am sending an email on Tuesday instead of Monday if you aren't a missionary. :)

This week, we pretty much did the same things we've been doing. We just kept working and trying and doing stuff. This is weird because I'm on exchange in St. Helens and the computers are super posh and I keep accidentally going into a weird programming console thingy whenever I try to hit backspace...

This week we had a specialized training, which is a fancy word for a zone meeting with the assistants and president. It was pretty fun. We talked about accountability. It was really nice. We have been focusing on accountability this transfer and I finally figured out why it is a good thing at the specialized training. 

I thought they were just doing it so that they could micromanage us,  and the Zone Leaders just wanted to know everything we did, so they could tell us off. But that's not it! 

It's about recognizing the consequences of our choices and accepting responsibility for them, as well as repenting (making changes) when we need to. Accountability is really just making sure that you know what's going on. It helps you to learn, and that's pretty much all we're here for as missionaries here. :)

We also did the service I mentioned last week. The weather has been super sunny all week (except for today it is raining). I got a sunburn. But it wasn't as bad as my knees a few years ago, so it was ok. XD We just painted fence for almost the whole day. And then we went home and went to a tea appointment. So that was nice.

Just so you know, transfers is in two weeks, so you should probably not send any post to my flat in case you actually happened to want to. Haha, bye!

For Mother's Day, I think I will probably be able to call or Skype you at 8pm which would be an hour after your church, or something like that. You would have to go straight home though just in case. I will talk to my companion. We are on exchange right now so I'll let you know for sure next week. Maybe.

Elder Ferguson

No talking after church for me on Mother's Day  :)   I can't wait!  :)  - Amy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Do I look like I need to be saved by you two?"

This week has been very fun! We have been having a good time! Here are some questions that my mom told me to answer...

 What has been your biggest success? 
My biggest success was probably that I loosely transcribed about four minutes of music in about half an hour last night so that we could re-word the mission song with cynical sarcastic remarks about the mission instead of the hopeful meaningful words that the song really has. I will send you the mp3 of the real thing next week if I remember. Heh. I think my biggest success missionary-wise was that I have had a renewal of faith as I have continued to carry on. I have great character, and this question is doing wonders for my humility. :)
  • Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? 
My favorite person this week is Jesus Christ. I don't mean that sarcastically either.  He atoned for my sins. He gets what I am going through. He is the reason that I have no excuse to not do my best. Without Him, all of this would be a waste of time, and I hate to not be efficient. 
  • What are you looking forward to this coming week? 
  • I am looking forward to doing some service this week painting a lady's fence. There are so many people in this one small area that always ask us for service and it is great to be able to go out and help those people. I think one of the great ironies of missionary work are that now that we are not being paid, we love to cut people's grass.
• Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. Of course I have goals for this week (see PMG ch. 8)! I always have goals. My biggest goal for this week is to find new investigators so that we can go and teach them. That would be nice. :)

Well anyways,  this week has been nice. This morning I discovered that I have tan lines underneath my glasses. Yes. Tan lines. In England.

 Some of my favorite quotes from this week have been:

'Do I look like I need to be saved by you two?' 
'Go eat your tub of ice cream and love it!' 
'You are the best district leader we've ever had, and we're not just saying that.' (I am not a district leader fyi) 
and also a line from our rewording of the EMM song (I don't remember the first part, it was something about obedience) '-because I'm aspiring.' hehe. Well, anyways, I'll talk to you next week. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of General Conference

Well, this week was nice. We had transfers on Wednesday. It was pretty exciting. Elder T is really nice. He's from Canada and his father is from Samoa. He's pretty funny. We didn't get to see the last session of General conference because it was at nine and we were in the flat already. I will download it today and watch it at the flat. I liked Elder Oaks's talk in the Priesthood session about priesthood keys and authority. I think it's very interesting how things work in the church. I also really liked President Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude. He said that gratitude is the father of all Christlike attributes. That's pretty nice. It's also very simple. I also liked President Monson's talk about Charity and saying kind things to others. I was listening to them and thinking, why do they just talk about such simple things? Don't we already know this as members of the church? Then I realized that we probably don't. Obviously if the President of the Church thinks that it's important enough to talk about to the entire church, it should be important to us. If we want more deep-doctrine talks, or exciting announcements about lowered age limits or sealed portions of books, we should probably start really working on the things the prophet tells us. Maybe we should drink the milk they're giving us, and eventually we actually will get meat. If you aren't already studying Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard has invited and followed-up and re-invited you to do, maybe you should start in chapter six and see how you're doing on the basics. :)

I also liked Elder Holland's talk, but I don't remember what he said, and the text isn't available. Oh well. Have a nice week. If you didn't get anything out of Elder Ballard's talk, read it again! 

This week we also had a great tea appointment with a member. She invited another member as well and we had a great time. I think that they are probably my two favorite members. The food was really good. The members in Crosby are all really nice. =)

Elder Ferguson