Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A email from Elder Ferguson's Ward Mission Leader & a Picture!

From Me:  I woke up this morning and checked my email.  I got this from Elder Ferguson's Ward Mission Leader. This just made my day!  

From the ward Mission leader:

 I am the Ward Mission Leader here and I want to thank you for loaning us your son. I know you must miss him.........my grandson has just completed his 5th week of his mission. Your boy is doing well and is happy. He is providing the music in our sacrament service but we discovered his love of jazz and swing so asked him to play in our ward activity last week. Boy was he happy......for 2 hours non stop !!!! Terrific stuff.

See the attached pic. I'm glad to be working with him and we are feeding him well. You should be proud.   MN

Monday, October 28, 2013

Finished a good book/ New families to teach/ Piano lesson

Yesterday I finished Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmage. It was really good.   He talks about the apostasy. He actually has another book called the Great Apostasy, but I can't read it as a missionary... ;( but Jesus the Christ was good. I don't think anyone could reasonably believe the Bible and not believe that our church was The Church of Jesus Christ after reading it. Really, all of the other churches don't even come close. It really makes me feel really gratefull to be a member of this church. There are a lot of people out there that must be really confused and lacking of purpose.

We have started teaching three black families this week! It's pretty exciting. One of them even came to church yesterday with her two sons and her baby girl. It's really exciting because most of the people in this ward are older, so it's really good to have a some younger families coming.

There was another family that we are teaching that has a boy who's about 12 and he plays the piano. I'm going to give him some lessons, and hopefully he will be baptized and sort of take over for me when I leave. :)

We have Halloween here. We have to go back to the flat at 5pm on Halloween.

I don't remember any thing else I was going to say. Bye. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's post life with his new companion. Elder H

In my letter to him this week I had asked him to ask his companion if it was ok if Ryan emailed me pictures that I post them on his blog.  I found out that it's important to make sure you have everyone's permission before you post the pictures so I took down some of his previous pictures.  It's frustrating to live in a world where you have to be soooo careful, but I understand, so I'm trying to be a good mom. Anyway, this is his reply.  

It's ok, I don't have any pictures today anyways. Maybe next week. It's starting to rain a lot now. I don't really have a whole lot to say. My new companion is good. He's pretty funny. When people try to shut the door on him, he tells them "We just share about how families can be together forever, is that not something you want?" And then they say no, and then they shut the door and then we laugh. haha. Today we are going to the chapel and he is going to play basketball while I play piano for our whole p-day. YAY!
Yesterday we had a primary program and all of the primary teachers bore their testimonies while the children sat down, and then the children sang two or three songs and it was over. It was kinda funny. It was also funny because I was playing "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" off of a copy of the music. Elder G__ had drawn a really big picture of a sword on the back and when it rained, the paper got wet and the picture bled through. So there was this Epic picture of a sword written over my music while all of these little children were singing. XD


My new companion's name is Elder H_____. He's English. I forgot to bring my camera today, but it's ok, I haven't taken a picture of him anyways. We don't really have much time to email today because we had transfers and it took up most of the day. Next week we might take two hours though. We'll see. Bye!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Short, but sweet.

I don't even know if I watched conference live. I know that the second session on Saturday was late, but I really don't know for sure what the sessions I was watching for sure. We had one on Saturday at five, then The Priesthood was on Sunday at ten, another session at one, and one other session at 5. There was one session we will have to get in the Ensign.

Aside from Conference, we didn't do that much that was exciting. 

Next week we will have another zone meeting on Tuesday, and then we go on exchange. I'm leading the area. I don't remember if I mentioned it last time, but I have actually led the area before on exchange with one of the zone leaders, but he sort of knew the area. This time, the Elder I'm going on exchange with is actually pretty new. He's only one transfer older than me, and he and his companion have actually not been doing very well lately, so this could be an interesting couple of days.

I don't really have anything else to say. Next week is transfers, so I probably won't email until next Wednesday or Thursday. But I'm almost definitely staying, so if anyone is sending mail, you can still send it to my address.

I'm staying here and Elder G is going to the other companionships area.

Elder Ferguson

I was on the computer at the same time as Ryan today (Which meant getting up at 4:10 am)  and so I got to email with an immediate response.  Ah..the small joys us moms get!  What a great way to wake up! It doesn't take much to make me happy.