Monday, February 24, 2014


Well, this week was good. I don't actually remember anything that happened. We did a lot of tracting. I don't know if I'm spelling it wrong but I think tracting isn't actually a word. At least not in the computer's spellcheck dictionary thingy. One of our investigators has been really busy with work. So we haven't really seen her. So we pretty much just tract and visit less active members. We have been having some more success tracting lately, people have actually been listening to us for a little longer than normal. 

Tomorrow we are going to the temple!! That is so exciting! A couple of days ago I read my patriarchal blessing to get ready, and I realized some really amazing things. One thing I noticed about it was, just how much God must love me, and how much he must want to tell me everything that's going to happen. I think if there was one thing I learned from it this last time I read from it.  It was just how special we are to Him as individuals. He knows us better than we know ourselves because He can see our potential. We see ourselves in terms of here and now, but he sees us in terms of eternity. He knows what we can, and will become, not just what we are now. I love reading it and thinking about the way I was when I read it, the way I am now, and the way it says that I will be in the future. I can't help but imagine that tomorrow is going to be so great. Every day is an adventure because I'm changing, and the world is changing, and the harder I work, the better tomorrow will be. so yay. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, I don't really remember anything that happened this week, so I'm just not going to write you. Sorry bye!

Elder Ferguson

A NEW RECORD IN SHORTNESS!  Sigh…. - That boy!  I guess the past two weeks of having awesome letters will have to do me, whether I like it or not.    

I got some pictures from a member that lives near him in England , here's one of them, and she told us that he was at her house this week for tea and they taught in her home.  That's pretty cool.  Thank goodness for the good members in England. I sure do love them!  - Amy

Ok that little twerp was just kidding.  He just sent another letter.   He's still my Ryan and likes to tease!  Doesn't he know that's not a thing to joke about with mission moms???!!  :)  - Amy

Just kidding! I DO remember this week! Haha. 

This week, we did a lot of walking around talking to people and tracting. It was really fun. I love it. It's the best. We have been working with a less active member. He is really funny and he tells a lot of funny stories. Anyways, he has been struggling with coming back to church, and yesterday, he wanted to come to church but he couldn't because of work commitments. But, there was a fireside that happened last night that he did come to. And that fireside was a fireside by some temple missionaries, and the temple president and his wife in Chorley. It was super spiritual and you could tell that he could feel it while he was there. The fireside was great. They also had some really good muffins at the end. :)

 This week, we also found out that I am staying here, and so is Elder F. Yay. :) This week is the start of the new transfer and one of the sisters in our ward is going home to Canada and one is going to be here being trained. That will be fun. We will also have two Elders in our district who are both from Utah. One is Elder S and the new one is Elder C. That will be fun. Elder C is a redneck. Anyways, that's pretty much it. Next week, we are going to the temple as a mission on Tuesday. That's super exciting, especially because of the fireside last night. Well, that's pretty much everything this week. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptism/Conversion Story

Well, this week was really good. I don't really remember much of what happened, but it was good. On Tuesday we cooked a meal for one of our investigators and her family cause she has been really busy with work lately. So that was nice. We had a really good lesson with her, but we haven't seen her since. Hopefully today she will come with us to a weekly family home evening fireside thingy we have at a member's house accross the street.
Then on Friday, we were in a lesson with a less-active member and Elder H (from my last area) called me to tell me that one of my investigators from Middleton was being baptized the next day! So we took a train down to Manchester and we went to the baptism. This investigator was great. We were passing him on the street and he asked us for a Book of Mormon. We gave one to him and asked to come see him. The next day ( I may have already told you about this... oh well) when we saw him, he told us that he had pretty much done nothing but read the Book of Mormon since the day before when we ran into him. He told us that he was having a hard time accepting that it was the word of God, but he was trying. So we started teaching him about it, and when we asked him to be baptised, he said no, no, no, no, no. I have already been baptized, I do not need to be baptized again. We tried to explain the need for authority to no avail. I didn't actually expect him to be baptized, but apparently, he went to church, (after I had left) and he felt the Spirit telling him that he needed to be baptized again, so he did. It was great, and while I was there, another person I had been teaching told me that she's going to be baptized on March 1st! Yay!
It was really good to go back to Middleton for a day and see everyone again. I especially loved seeing my old ward mission leader who most certainly does NOT put e's on the end of all of his words. He is definitely my favorite ward member (unless some of the other members from Middleton are reading this, then they are my favorites too!)!
Anyways, that's pretty much it for this week. I think this is a plenty long letter, so if you don't think so that's too bad cause I'm out of email time anyways. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

This is a link to his profile.  This was my favorite part of this week's letter!  Click on the link below to read it!  -Amy

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Missionary

Hello Everyone!!
Today I am really happy and I don't know why! 8D So this week, we haven't been able to get in contact with the investigator that put off her baptism until yesterday we finally saw her after church. (she didn't come to church because she was going to her son's football game to support him, which I guess is an ok excuse) She said she has been super busy at work and she hasn't had the opportunity to really see us or her sister, but she will be baptised soon still probably. *I just realized why all english people spelle thingse withe 'e's on the ende of theire wourdse, it's because you just naturallye hit it with your finger all of the time anyways*  Anyways, She's doing good. She'll be fine.
This week, we went to a baptism in St. Helens and the person who got baptised, who has only been learning about the church for two months, bore his testimony and it was like a general conference talk. He was quoting scriptures out of the Book of Mormon and he prepared the whole talk himself. It was pretty amazing.
Umm... I actually don't have a whole lot else to say. We helped a member with her maths homework a few days ago. I'm actually still pretty good at it. 
I almost forgot. A few days ago I went on exchanges with Elder Ryan Smith from Bountiful. So that was pretty interesting. He made me lift weights. He was going to send me a picture but he hasn't yet. Oh well. I don't like fasting very much. It makes me really grumpy until I eat. Maybe that's why I'm so happy right now. Maybe all of the happy chemicals in my brain are still singing because I finally gave them nourishment after a day. Well, anyways, Bye!
Elder Ferguson