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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Haha, woops, I forgot to tell you this week would be a bank holiday didn't I?
This week was nice. It's tempting to not just say anything and make you wait until Sunday, but I guess that wouldn't help the missionaries who can only see what I send out anyways, would it?
Last week, Elder T found two new investigators while I was gone on exchange. Sort of a third as well. It's pretty exciting, except for I haven't met them and I am leaving first thing tomorrow morning because it's transfers! But at least the area is doing good now that I'm leaving. ;)

So I'm going to Newtown, which is the furthest area south in the mission. I'm going to be in a branch this time. I'm pretty sure I'm always going to be in pretty small wards because they are the ones that need people to play the piano... I get to be ward pianist again. Yay. Haha, at least now I can play all the hymns instead of the three that I could play in seminary. My companion's name is Elder G.  I think he's from California. I can't think of anything else to say. My next area is a bike area. I'm pretty excited. Bye!

For Mother's Day - OK! I will come on Skype about two o'clock I think. That's when we are planning on doing it anyways, so see you then!
Elder Ferguson

The picture of Elder Ferguson is one I got from a member of the church in England that likes to watch out for all of our missionaries and was nice enough to send me this today.  (This picture is from today!  Transfers were today.)  She wanted to get more, but her batteries in her camera died.  That's ok.  At least we got this one.  :)  -  Amy

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