Sunday, August 30, 2015


This has been a long week. It feels like forever since I wrote my last email. So this week, not a lot has happened. I made Jazz Band though! I’m so happy about that. I’m in the Jazz Band and I’m in a combo with Grant who played the sax with us at woods cross. So I’m pretty happy about that. 

Yesterday we had an American football game and we got to come with the pep band. The dumb thing is though, is that (possibly because we are a junior college) the game started at 11:30 or noon or something. And there were no clouds. So we all burned. I put sunscreen on before and I still burned. But it was fun.

This week in institute we talked about the Doctrine of Christ. I love it because it’s so simple. The way Brother Scott put it, you just do the Will of the Father, even though you don’t know why, and even if it doesn’t make any sense. It’s amazing. 

Also, we had church today. It was probably the best thing ever of the week. It felt so good to go to church again and wear missionary clothes and talk about missionary stuff. And then we had a fireside from a seventy that spoke in Adam’s mission a lot, and he was amazing! He talked about the gifts that God has given us to help us to be happy. He gave us the light of Christ, or the ability to know good and evil, he gave us agency, and he gave us the Atonement. The tree of life is the love of Christ and it is desirable to make one happy. So read your scriptures! Drink the living waters! 

Be happy, have a fantastic week! Bye!

PS I also learned today that Mike can sight sing. Who knew?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Snow College!

Oh my goodness. College is probably the best idea ever. Whoever thought of having a school where you only study one subject all the time was a genius. It’s so much better than doing everything. 

So basically, this week has consisted of I went to college last sunday and did nothing because there was nothing to do. Then on Monday, we had a orientation thingy for freshmen, so I got to take a tour of the WHOLE ENTIRE campus. So, about five buildings. It’s pretty small. But that was nice. And some “motivational” speaker came and talked to everyone about dating and relationships. So that was nice I guess. Then on Tuesday, we had more of the same, but it was shorter. I also found out on Tuesday that I was supposed to have a song prepared on the Trumpet for an audition on Thursday. So I got to start working on that. Haha. Also on Tuesday after all the orientation stuff, Adam and Mike got here! I was so happy because I was getting really bored and my other room mates are weird. So I sat around in the flat while they got registered. 

Then on Wednesday was the first actual day of school. So we went to our classes. Mike and I had one at 7 in the morning. I think it was the first day since I got home that I woke up before 6:30. Anyways, that was fun. Then we had all of our other music classes, and by the end of Thursday, my lips were perma-chapped. It’s super annoying, but it’s way nice because I get to play my trumpet for hours every day! I think I’m already a little bit better than I was before the mission and I’m loving it. 

My jazz audition didn’t go to well. The professor didn’t look too impressed. Oh well. 

Also, Adam spoke in church today for his real homecoming! It was so good. He talked about the Atonement in his mission. Then someone else spoke in his ward about a lot of things. I thought it was really interesting because he talked about Alma and the Zoramites and how they were all members. So instead of looking at it with a perspective of teaching non-members you can look at it as less-active work, and personal study. So that was interesting. 

Anyways, have a nice week, bye!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hey, so, this has probably been the best week since I got home. No kidding. I don’t even know why. I just feel so good all the time and it’s great. I went on a double date with Mike and we saw Avengers 2 and it was pretty cool. Anyways, it was real good. And aside from that, I’ve just been working a lot and that’s been fun. And that’s pretty much it. 

In other news, I am going to college next week. And it’s going to be epic! I got a phone call from my new trumpet teacher this week and I just remembered I still need to get the book he told me to get. But he’s really nice and I looked at some of the fees and things and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty fun year. 

Also, I got a phone call from someone in the stake asking me to speak with a high councilor in another ward next week because apparently they like to do that with returned missionaries now days, so that’s going to be fun. He asked me to speak on Discipleship and I’m actually way way excited. While I was listening to the voice mail telling me about it I was thinking, yes! I know a talk about that, and YeS! I know a scripture about that! So it will be pretty good. Anyways, that’s about it for this week, Bye!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Been A While

Ok I'm sorry, it's been for ever. I went on a holiday to Nauvoo and Palmyra and I kinda forgot/couldn't write anything over those two weeks and then I just sort of forgot this last week because I haven't been doing anything. But life is going good.

Nauvoo was amazing. The rest were cool too, but we spent four days in Illinois looking at everything.  The best part was, they had two pageants, including the British Pageant. I really liked them both. And it was pretty fun because they had some characters that were in both of them. The only thing that was sad was that a lot of the accents in the British one were fake. Like really fake. I have never heard so many different pronunciations of Lancashire. I was cracking up. But it was great. I miss England a lot.

Anyways, since then, I've just kinda been at home, being bored, working, being bored again. I did get to have a good jam session with my friend Mike though. That was so nice. We put a video on Facebook, but I don't think I can put it on here. It was a lot of fun though. Also, I got a new macbook for school and it's pretty nice. They give you a student discount and they gave me a free pair of beats headphones with it, so I am very happy.

Anyways, be good, read the scriptures, avoid burnt cabbage, don't let the bedbugs bite! Bye!