Monday, February 9, 2015

Mysterious Referral Story

This week we got a referral. Which they just send us by text now, but they don't tell us anything but the contact information. So we went to check this referral, and the person's husband opened the door and let us in. We came in and she was just sitting there on the couch and she was like, "Oh, Hi, come in, sit down," and stuff, and we were like, "Who are you?" So she told us that she was a member and she had gone less-active in the nineties. The NINETIES! 

She was doing her family history, and she found and she thought, oh yeah, I used to be a Mormon. She hardly remembers anything about the church, but she remembered that she was a member, so she referred herself to ask for a Book of Mormon. Woo! Her husband isn't a member and they were both really happy to have us over again and she wanted to read the Book of Mormon again and see if it was true.
Well, I don't really have any more time because another missionary just sent me some deep doctrine charts and I don't have the right amount of change to print all of them, so I'm going to read them. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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