Monday, February 2, 2015

The story of Jack & Jill

I would like to start this letter thingy by informing everyone that I am NOT TRUNKY! (anymore) So don't worry about it. I will just keep my daydreaming about home to pdays until 6.
Anyways, this week has been great! We had a training by the assistants and President Ulrich on Tuesday. Guess what we talked about? Not being trunky. They pretty much might as well have just read everyone my email from last week. It was kinda funny. I think that must be what it's like to study the lesson before you get to church. It definitlely makes it more exciting.
This week we saw a few of our investigators, but there isn't much to say there. They are all just kinda taking it slow... We are finding a lot of new ones. But then when we go to their houses, we find out that they don't actually live where they told us they live. They must think they're really funny.
But, this week I did learn two very important lessons. Yesterday. So this is going to be another rebuking email, sorry if some of you were enjoying my cynical humour and stuff, but that's going to have to wait till next week I guess.
So! We have two recent converts. We will call them Jack and Jill because this will get confusing otherwise. So Jack is going back to his non-mormon ways and it's not good. He's friends with Jill, and he goes to her house a lot, but he doesn't want to talk to us anymore, so whenever we go to Jill's he tells her to tell us we're not there. So we pretend like we believe her and teach her on her porch. But on Saturday, we asked Jill if she wanted to come with us to a fireside in Manchester. And she said yes. And then she asked if we could meet at the library that day, cause it's warmer. So we came over and she told us that she was feeling bad because she hadn't been reading the scriptures every day. So she's going to start again and we're going to call her to remind her and stuff. Then when we were about to leave we asked her if she wanted to speak at the fireside (to bear her testimony, a lot of recent converts do it at the fireside). We thought she would say no, but instead she said yes.
So then on Sunday, we were in Gospel principles and this was the first principle that I learned/ taught. Jill asked if someone sinned enough, and they kept repenting and going back, could they reach a point where they can't repent. And the answer is no. Actually, I kinda wanted to pull an Elder Scott in class and tell everyone that the philosophy that you can't repent after too much sin is one of Satan's Lies. Because it is. It is never, ever, to late to repent. So just repent already. And here are some scriptures just to prove I'm right. (Mosiah 26:30Matthew 20:9-14)
Then at the fireside, there were tons of recent converts bearing their testimonies, that's kinda what it's for, and I felt the Spirit testifying to me that these people are just as powerful and capable as anyone else in the church. Some of the things that Jill has said in the past two days amaze me. She has only just started reading the Book of Mormon and she is already learning tons of things. The Holy Ghost teaches her everything she needs to know and just like the people in that scripture in Matthew, they are given the same tools and the same Gift as anyone else in the church, and they will still have just as great of a spiritual capacity as anyone else in the church.
I lied, there's a third, I forgot it. Also, when we are baptised, we recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Spirit can give us promptings and give us counsel that all the knowledge in the world can't give us. Do you realize the the Holy Ghost is a God!?!!?? He's a member of the Godhead. He knows EVERYTHING (Alma 7:13)!! So just listen to him, and look for his promptings. Actively seek the counsel of the Holy Ghost, cause he knows. 

Elder Ferguson

This is definitely a Tikka Masala that I made with a special Paste thing some members gave me, so this is one step closer to making it from scratch. And it was really good.

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