Saturday, August 24, 2013

Handwritten Letter came!

I am going to "paraphrase" his letter for you, and just give you the highlights in my own words.  

His computer time is limited, so he is handwriting this letter.  (2 full pages)  Yea!

FYI it takes 5 days to get a letter from him.  Send him your mailing address and he said  he might just snail mail you too! 

I got some of these pictures off of the internet.  I googled England grocery stores and found the images. 

He went on exchanges with some other elders.  (Which means he traded companions temporarily and went to some of their areas to work.)  They have visited with an elderly lady 83 years old, who had been being taught by other missionaries for quite some time with out progressing.  He and the other elder talked to her and asked her to go to church.  His companion asked her to go to church with a question in mind.  She said she would go with the subject of Baptism on her mind.  She did, and now she wants to be baptized.  The other elders had spent a long time teaching her, and now they get to see the fruits of all their labors combined.  They also went on splits with the Zone Leaders and got to teach about faith etc...  The older  couple they were teaching was hard of hearing so it was a bit of a challenge.  He really enjoyed it though.

He told us he was looking forward to going on a church history tour Wednesday, but of course it hadn't happened yet so we'll hear about it later.

He said that they have him helping play the piano for a musical number, "Come Come Ye Saints" the men's chorus version.  The elders will be singing it.  He's really hoping to have time to find a piano and practice.  He's supposed to come up with an intro too, so he's anxious to have time to get it all ready.

Last week he told us he transcribed the background music to a Mormon Message.  If you look up, "The Power to Create" - Mormon Message, that's the one.
I have to admit I had to look up what transcribe actually meant.  He went on to say that he got permission from his mission president to record it and he would try and send the SD card with that on it sometime.

He told us about the food:
"The food here is funny.  They call graham cracker type stuff digestives, and it's really funny because it sounds like a laxative, but it's not. "

"They have stuff called squash, which is like snow cone syrup, but you can use it for drinks.  You just pour a little into your cup and add a lot of water.  Almost all of the drink flavors and soda and stuff is different.

 Vimto is really big.  It tastes like black cherry kool-aid, but they have different flavors.  It's really good."

They have a lot of cold cereal that is the same, but they call it by different names.
Our Chex is called Shreddies. They have Chocolate Orange flavor.

Our Chocolate Rice Crispies is called Cocoa Pops, and the Snap Crackle Pop guys look different there.

He told about how the houses looked.  He said, "All of the houses are in rows.  They are connected.  This is sort of what it looked like. That's what my flat looks like too."

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