Monday, October 7, 2013

Short, but sweet.

I don't even know if I watched conference live. I know that the second session on Saturday was late, but I really don't know for sure what the sessions I was watching for sure. We had one on Saturday at five, then The Priesthood was on Sunday at ten, another session at one, and one other session at 5. There was one session we will have to get in the Ensign.

Aside from Conference, we didn't do that much that was exciting. 

Next week we will have another zone meeting on Tuesday, and then we go on exchange. I'm leading the area. I don't remember if I mentioned it last time, but I have actually led the area before on exchange with one of the zone leaders, but he sort of knew the area. This time, the Elder I'm going on exchange with is actually pretty new. He's only one transfer older than me, and he and his companion have actually not been doing very well lately, so this could be an interesting couple of days.

I don't really have anything else to say. Next week is transfers, so I probably won't email until next Wednesday or Thursday. But I'm almost definitely staying, so if anyone is sending mail, you can still send it to my address.

I'm staying here and Elder G is going to the other companionships area.

Elder Ferguson

I was on the computer at the same time as Ryan today (Which meant getting up at 4:10 am)  and so I got to email with an immediate response.  Ah..the small joys us moms get!  What a great way to wake up! It doesn't take much to make me happy.

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