Monday, November 11, 2013

More pictures & a note from his Ward Mission Leader

From his ward Mission Leader:

Here are some pics from our recent ward activity (Fri)
Before you look at them let me assure you that I take no responsibility for the haircut. I can only conclude that by reason of some mental aberration your son thought he was preparing for an English summer not winter. The good news is that we have many witnesses prepared to testify when the case goes to court as he must surely sue.

The old guy is our Ward Mission Leader.... me.. (80 next Wed!!!). I will see him on Wed as I meet with them weekly but I don't imagine it will look any better. I think I will ask my wife to knit him a balaclava. Imagine that.
The last pic reminds me of Oliver asking for more but that was the remains of his refreshers in the one moment I got him to stop playing. Unfortunately I did not manage to get hold of a trumpet..............but......hope springs eternal.
Weather here has been wet lately but not cold. And we don't get typhoons. It's the rain that makes a pleasant land green.

Hope you are not missing him as much as I am missing my grandson......2 months out now. Keep an eye on his blog. I saw a pic of him with a guitar so that looks good.

Just heard that our Relief Society have called an emergency meeting. They are drawing lots on who is going to adopt your boy.
I did warn you. 

Brother N

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