Monday, November 18, 2013

Church next week - possible 15-16 people coming!

Next week is transfers, so you need to send all of your letters to the mission office if you send any because I might move, and I'll be emailing on Wednesday or Thursday next week. 

I don't remember if I said about this, but the investigator we met last week that let us in right away when we knocked on her door dropped us on Tuesday. And then we came to her house again anyways on Thursday and she answered the door and let us in right away again. It was kinda funny. Her dad was a Catholic when he was a boy and he doesn't like religion very much anymore, and for a good reason. They did some bad things I guess. But his daughter decided it was still ok to talk to us, although she doesn't seem too committed yet. We'll see.
We had eight Hungarian investigators come to church yesterday. They all paid £2.50 each to take the bus up, and they stayed for two hours. It was really good, and a Hungarian member taught them the gospel principles class in Hungarian. It was pretty amazing. Next week we will hopefully have about sixteen people come to church with us and they will hopefully be baptized in January or February.  That's pretty much it for this week. Bye!
Elder Ferguson

Brother N, his ward mission leader, (one of my favorite people!)  sent me this picture, plus a couple others that are just great!  I had to share.  The others are very similar.  He looks pretty happy!  - Amy (Elder Ferguson's mom)

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