Monday, April 28, 2014

Indexing /Transfers soon/ Curry Smell

Here's a little video that explains about indexing, that Elder Ferguson talks about in his letter, from the familysearch website:  
Just click on this link BELOW:  They have several short video clips to walk you through it.


Well, this week was nice. Yesterday I did indexing and it was great. Everyone should do it it's really easy, just go to and click on indexing!
It's super easy, I bet Dad could even learn to do it on the Mac. You just type the names in. I think that all of the youth are going to get super involved now because they can do gospel stuff with technology. You should definitely teach Jessica and Spencer and maybe Paul how to do it so they have something fun to do on Sunday. 

This week we have been doing some tracting and in between doors, we talk about weird things. This week we decided that we are addicted to oxygen. And water and food and stuff too. We also tracted into a born-again who said that he was praying against us. Heh. He also told us that we didn't know the Bible. I find that kind of ironic considering that Jesus Christ specificaly says in the New Testament to pray for your enemies. Oh well, some people just don't really understand the purpose of prayer or the laws that govern the answering of prayers. It was pretty funny. :)

On exchange this week, I saw a missionary hit a bumble bee to the ground and step on it. That was interesting. One of my favorite quotes from this week was, 'I'm just here for the chippy.' 

This week is transfer planning which means that next week is transfers. I am pretty excited because I am almost definitely leaving. I hope I go to Chorley so I can go to the temple on Pdays when we have bank holidays, we have a lot this time of year. 

The week before this one, or possibly the week before that, I made a curry and I messed it up bad. I still don't exactly know what happened, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I left the chicken on the pan while I tried to dump out the curry sauce and the sauce was a little bit thicker than I had expected so it took a while and I think I burned the chicken in the meantime... Haha. I could still smell it for two days afterwards... 

Well, I actually can't think of anything else to say this week. The hymn that I like best right now is 272, Oh Say What is Truth. I wish I could index on the computers at the library, but you have to install a program and the computers won't let you. I have way too much time on here... Bye!

Elder Ferguson

hmm… Actually, I will probably be transferred on May 7th, so I will probably not know about my companion or my area until then. It would probably be best if you could get home from church five minutes early in case my companion is a  Utah missionary and is in the same situation. Next week I will know where I'm going and who my companion is so I can at least tell you a little then.

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