Monday, June 2, 2014

The new area…

This week was nice. We were actually in our own area for most of the week, so that was good. We have an investigator that is a Sunni Muslim, one that is a Born-Again Christian, and one that believes in reincarnation, and whatever else she decides to believe. 
None of them is really planning on changing, but that's ok, because two of them are kinda new, and one of them seems like she actually does sort of want to know, she just doesn't like the idea of organized religion.

Yesterday I read the Bible for bashing scriptures just because someone sort of asked me to prove the church is true with the Bible. I'm not going to actually bash, I just want to know them just in case. I think it helped me to build my testimony of why we need the Book of Mormon, cause the Bible is confusing. No wonder there are so many christian churches in the world. 

Well, bye!

Elder Ferguson

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