Monday, June 30, 2014

Lesson learned: Don't Be Prideful

This week my mission president went home, all the way to Ashton, England (with in the mission boundaries).  Haha, he can't email us right now because we're on our missions, but if we serve in Ashton we'll still see him because he lives there. He is going on holiday soon though. We had a conference in Manchester and it was crazy. We had to leave the day before and stay in the assistants flat because we are at the other end of the mission and we needed to be early because they wanted me to play in the musical number. So that was nice.

For the musical number they gave me some sheet music and said to learn it in five minutes and some missionaries were going to play the violin and sing with me. It is a good thing we were doing it for a church thing or I probably wouldn't have gotten my gifts of the spirit and stuff and been able to play it. But I did,  sorta. So I played it fine right from the beginning when we were rehearsing it. I was actually doing better than the singers and much better than the violins when we started. But basically, the violins were were having trouble staying together with anyone, so they decided to just play a verse on their own and then we would come in, which was fine, but then I got the chance to learn a lesson in humility in front of half of the mission…. :)

So then during the actual musical number, the violins did ok, and then I came in with the singers and we did one verse fine, and then on the second verse, I was thinking prideful thoughts about how much better we were doing than the violins, and I was struck down and I totally lost my place, and I was also struck with deafness, so I couldn't hear where the singers were at all, and I just fell out completely. It was bad. So I just ended up not playing half of it and then coming back in right at the end. So yeah. Don't be prideful. You will lose every time. Especially when you are basically relying on gifts straight from God anyways. 

So anyways, aside from that, this week has actually been really good. We had someone we have been trying to get a hold of for a while that told us she had met with missionaries before, and we finally came to her house one day and she said, 'come on in!' So we did. :)

She was super nice and she had a ton of questions. She was raised in some christian churches and she wanted to believe, but there were just questions that she asked that they couldn't answer. She started asking us her questions. Some of them we answered because we have the true church and we know, and some of them were extra deep stuff that I still want answers to, and I told her that. She thought it was amazing that we had enough faith to believe in Resurrection without understanding the science behind it, but I told her that I believed that someday I would learn and that I know that I have had an answer to my prayers and she was so excited. It's amazing how prepared people are, even in Wales, where everyone thinks that they already have the answers. :)

Well, have a nice week. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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