Monday, June 23, 2014

Time to break the streak….


This week, I got a new companion. His name is Elder VB.  He is pretty good. He has a Ukelele. I don't really like Ukeleles, but I'm getting pretty good at it already, so it's ok. haha. 

After transfer meeting, we ended up missing a bus which made us miss a train which made us get back at 10:30.  I think it was the first time I've been outside of the flat in the dark in Newtown. haha.

Everyone says that Elder VB has an American accent, but he doesn't, not even close. He just pronounces rs. 

We found a new investigator on Friday! He is a Christian and he's really nice. He actually checked his work schedule to see when would be the next good time to come by, so we won't have to go hunting for him when he's not home for the next appointment. It's pretty exciting. There have been no baptisms in Newtown for the past two or three years, but it looks like it might be time to break that streak. Ha.

Elder Ferguson

From Amy -

So there was no explanations for the last picture, so I thought I'd get your opinion.  Reply or post on facebook a comment & give me a caption for this picture.   I'll send your results to him in his next letter just for fun. 

This first Picture is from Ryan's old mission president that use to send me so many awesome pictures.  He sent me this quick email a couple days ago:

 I went to missionary transfer day on Wed and look who I met. He's good esp since he has a piano in his flat. Imagine that!  Brother N

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