Monday, October 13, 2014

Tracting in Llangollen

  Font in Pink:  Written by me - Mom of Elder Ferguson  
He had asked me to get some music for him.  Well,  I couldn't find it anywhere.  I searched for the name on Google with no results etc…  I thought it wasn't going to work and gave up, but then an idea came.  I'm on a mission mom's facebook group.  There is 6,441 LDS moms from all around the world and one of them has got to know about this Craig Larson, so I put a feeler out there for it.  I did find someone who knew about him!  Apparently it's this lady's stake president.  He made the album for his mother.  She said he wasn't trying to make it for a profit.  She asked him and he gave her permission to make a copy for him.  She mailed me the CD at no charge.  I sent him the music through the email yesterday.  The way to this boy's heart is music!  This was his response:

Wow! thank you! Do you think it would be ok for me to forward this to some friends? PS Can you tell her or him or whoever you talked to thank you for me? This is great!

I also told him in our letter to him last night about our Relief Society lesson and how Sister Giles asked what the missionaries appreciate or helps them as missionaries the best.  This was his response:  
I think member work is way important. My favorite thing that members do for us is find us people to teach. That is always the best way to bring people in to the church, because everyone thinks that we're brainwashed, but their friends will have a much easier time getting to them. The members that help with the missionary work are the best. The church has three (sort of four) main purposes; Proclaiming the Gospel, Perfecting the Saints, and Redeeming the Dead. Missionary work covers all three of those. When you are teaching your friends about the gospel, you are being perfected, and their conversion will lead to countless others receiving saving ordinances in the temple. That's what it's all about. Missionary work is about making God's work and His Glory, our work and our glory, and it's just as important for 'normal' members to do it as it is for us full-time missionaries.

Wow, I almost forgot to write my weekly letter. This week was nice. We did a lot of tracting. It is fun. Sort of. We found a nice little town called Llangollen. It's basically a tourism town, because it has a river and some hills. It reminded me a lot of Newtown. I took a picture, but unfortunately, I can't plug in my camera or I would have to take out my USB and if I did that I would have to stop listening to my music. Maybe in a little while once I've finished this album. 

Anyways, in Llangollen ( I would say how to pronounce it, but there isn't English for the sound the ll's make), everyone was really friendly. I don't know if it's because they considered us tourists, and wanted our money, or if it's just because missionaries don't come down very often, but they were very polite and a lot of people would at least listen to us for a minute before they told us no. It was nice. 

Last week, President Ulrich made everyone packets to study the Atonement for all month. It's been really good. The only sad thing is, a lot of the talks quote each other and overlap, so it's a little redundant. But it's nice. It has been keeping the Atonement closer to the front of my mind, and that's where it should be. Joseph Smith said that everything in the church is about the Atonement, everything we talk about is an appendage to that. The more I study it, the more I understand how true that is. Every saving ordinance is directly symbolic of the Atonement the Jesus Christ performed for us. 

Here is a joke for everyone. Why did the pie cross the road?

Because he was meetin' potato!! (haha get it? meat and- Meetin') 

Now it's your turn, send me a joke. 


Elder Ferguson

Here is some peanut butter that expires the same time I come home. :)

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