Monday, October 20, 2014

Transfers - Shrewsbury & Pictures!

Hey, guess what?!?! I'm being transferred again already! I've been here for one transfer and we're being whitewashed out. I'm actually pretty mad, because the members are great here and I was hoping to stay for Christmas... Oh well, we had a good time, and it's good that I'll never get bored of Wrexham or have any bad memories of it. Unless something happens in the next five days. I'm going to Shrewsbury, which is actually just the next area over, I was in the District of Shrewsbury last transfer when I was in Newtown. It's pretty nice, I will send you some pictures that I took there on exchange. I've heard the members are nice there too. 

Wow, it's super hard to email because I'm on the fast computer today and wow can you do family history fast on this thing.

This week, we did a lot of finding, us usual. I'm kinda sick of finding. So I think I'm going to start doing it better, and then I won't have to do it as much cause I'll just be teaching. I started by reading the social skills section of the adjusting to missionary life booklet, and it has a lot of good tips. It should be good, this will be fun, Shrewsbury has been doing really well in missionary work and I'm going to keep it going. 

I don't really have a lot else to say. I went to Nando's this week for our District meeting lunch. It was pretty good, and they were playing Latin music!! It was so exciting, I was super hyper all day after that. haha. Then we got soaked because it rained really hard, so that was fun. 

Yesterday, we were at a members house, and Elder O. mentioned Llangollen and he pronounced it wrong and they made him say it right, then they told me to say it and I said it right on the first try. They were all very impressed. They also told me I had a northern accent for a minute that night as well. HA.

Well, here are some pictures, bye!


Elder Ferguson

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