Monday, October 6, 2014

A Straight Forward Conversation

Hey, it's October, that means it's almost Christmas!! 

This week was a horrible one for missionary work sort of. We pretty much just did some tracting and tried by some former investigators. Didn't get much out of it. But we did finally teach a Baptist Preacher that Elder O. found just before I got here. Haha, it was funny because it was a really straight forward conversation. He asked what we did, we told him, he asked what we told people and we started talking. Of course, like all people who make a living off of convincing people our church isn't true, he didn't like it very much, but he was still very polite and he listened to what we said. My favorite part was when we got to the subject of the trinity. I don't know why people get so hung up on that one, since the doctrine of the trinity was clearly invented by pagans when they wrote the Nicene creed, but he started getting bashy. "Clearly it says that they're three in one in John 1..." And then I said something amazing. I said, "I don't want to argue with you." Haha, he was shocked that I didn't want to bash with him and then he just took it and it was much easier. After that, everything I said seemed to make more sense to him, and he accepted everything I said as something that I believe anyway, so that was nice. Hopefully next time he will commit to read the Book of Mormon with real intent. :)

So anyway, General Conference was great! There was one point during the third session where I considered calling the mission president and asking for permission to stay for the last session even though it started at 9pm with the excuse that we live across the street from the chapel, but then I realized that the zone leaders and assistants would have had to stay up until we called them to tell them we were home, plus he would have said no anyway, but the first part was good. I loved Elder Oaks's talk about loving our neighbors. I noticed this week that if you listen closely, the messages almost always have some things to resolve people's concerns about the gospel, and it always has an invitation to change, and they are very bold. They don't ask for permission from us to tell us to change. It's expected of us. 
I also thought that it was interesting that there were three talks in a row that all talked very specifically about sustaining the prophet. I can't wait to hear President Monson's last talk, nobody spoil it for me! Although I am going to start it in a couple of minutes, so don't worry about it for next week or whatever, just if you get this within the next half hour or so. Anyways, have a nice week!

 If you have the ability to attend the temple in the next week or so, do it, you will be blessed! 


Hey, here is a random picture so no one thinks that I'm not sending pictures home. :)
I took that this morning. Isn't it beautiful?

What a Twirp - Amy (Elder Ferguson's Mom)

Elder Ferguson

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