Monday, January 12, 2015

New Investigators/ Staying in Rochdale

Well, this week was nice. We found tons of investigators, and some of them actually gave us real phone numbers and addresses. So that's pretty exciting. Our progressing investigator is still progressing. She is funny because she believes the Book of Mormon is true, but she's afraid to actually pray about it because she's scared it will make her go loopy or something. But she finally did this week. And she was fine. :)
We taught an investigator yesterday that had tons of good questions and he was already very open to the philosophy that God made evolution happen. He makes me laugh, I think I might have known him in the pre-existence, but I don't really know. There isn't really too much information in the scriptures about the pre-existence besides the basics, and I don't really have access to many of the teachings of the modern prophets as a missionary... :/
We got transfer calls this morning and I'm staying in Rochdale. Yay. That means that my next area will probably be my last unless I start getting these weird one transfer areas again after this. 
Here are some pictures.

Elder Ferguson

haha, here's half of a curry I made the other day. I decided half way through eating it to take a picture.

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