Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Refreshing Investigators

Wow, I almost forgot to write this. Haha.
This week has been nice. It snowed a lot. It didn't snow last year. So that was pretty weird. It snowed a lot. 

At district meeting, I gave a training on finding. But pretty much all I did was I went up and made a bunch of jokes about the pre-mortal existence and read some scriptures and said, what did we learn from that? I let the missionaries just talk about it for ten minutes, and then I was done. It's actually not very hard to give trainings with missionaries, because all you have to do is ask a super vague question and everyone will want to put their two cents in, which they will try to sell like it's a hundred dollars even though we're already on their team. It fills up loads of time no problem.
We taught some investigators for a second time, which is a pretty big deal because if you can teach a second lesson and get a solid return appointment, after that, then they're pretty much guaranteed to get baptized, and it happened. We taught them the plan of salvation, and both of them are in their twenties and they're both pretty smart, and it was kinda bad because I kinda forgot that I was teaching people who knew basically nothing and not members, because it felt like I was just talking to friends, so I sort of started teaching principles from the three pillars of eternity and stuff. Luckily, I caught myself halfway through, before I started telling them about sons of perdition, and having your calling and election made sure, and the three degrees in the Celestial Kingdom and all of that, but they were still super good, even after that super detailed lesson.  They still were willing to meet with us this week. I can't believe how humble they are. It's so nice to meet people like that.
Church finished early this week because it snowed three inches.
Oh, I almost forgot, on Monday I went to get a Kebab at a famous Kebab house. Oh my goodness. It was so good. And it was so cheap. If you are American, you don't know what a Kebab is, it's not the same at all. I will send a picture of one next week hopefully if I get another one. Elder H didn't like it, so I'm going to have to go on Tuesday while we are on exchange... :)


Elder Ferguson

*  From Amy, Elder Ferguson's Mom - FYI  We discovered this past week that Elder Ferguson's current companion's uncle was Elder Ferguson's Dad's zone leader while he was on his mission in Venezuela   We sent him a picture of the two of them together.  Small World!

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