Sunday, September 20, 2015



This has been a nice week. But pretty much everything happened in about the last three days. So I will tell you three stories. And some stuff.

So, one day, I was in institute and I played the piano like I do every day, and we talked about how we should talk to people we meet more often because God puts us in each other’s paths for a reason and we can make a big change happen in each other’s lives. So then later that day, I was walking home from something else and some girl that I am pretty sure I have never met before walks past me and says, “Hi Ryan!” and I tried to pull my polite recognition face over my confused memory-searching face, but it failed big time, and she got really embarrassed and she told me she was in my institute class. So that was funny haha. Then I saw her again when I went to get pizza with Adam on Friday because she was on a date with a guy from Adam’s mission who goes to Weber. I’m sure Adam will tell you all about him. But that was a funny story. I felt really bad cause I made a weird face at her.

Then another day, I don’t remember which, I was out on my nightly walk down the street and back and this car pulled up on a road that is normally totally dark and quiet out at ten, and the car swerved to a stop in the middle of and intersection. Then a girl got out and started running at me and I kinda just watched her and she said, “you aren’t even running!” and I was thinking, "yeah, so…?” and then she tapped my shoulder and said, “wait, are you even playing the game?” (I’m assuming it was fugitive or something) and I said no and then she was super embarrassed and got in the car and drove away.

Then, yesterday, Adam and I decided to go to the temple early in the morning, but then he remembered he had plans to go on a jog with someone else already, so we decided to do it later and I hung out with my new friend, Calvin. Then Adam had a test, and I kept hanging out with Calvin, then Adam came home and we watched the third Hobbit, then Adam remembered some other homework/ chores he had to do, so I just got on my bike and left without him. So then I tried to take the extra long way and avoid the highway, and I discovered the extra long way is a lie, and I can’t turn right because I will just hit a barn and plus trespassers will be prosecuted. So I rode back and took the highway, changed at a gas station where a hick was hitting on the gas station cashier, and I made it to the temple for 7:15. Guess what? The last session starts at 6:30. I thought it was 7. And then they told me the temple is closed for the next four weeks… But, then I met a nice person from Ephraim who made the same mistake I did, only instead of riding a bike, he drove. So he offered me a ride and I didn’t really take much convincing. Haha. So that was fun, but at least I know I can bike down there now. The only problem is there might be snow on the ground next time the temple is open… I guess I just need to make sure Mike doesn’t go home for the weekends anymore or find some new friends with a car… So yeah. 

Also, today I got set apart as a ward missionary. And so did Adam. And Mike will be next week if he’s here, but he goes home for the weekend a lot. I’m way excited. We already had a meeting with the ward mission leader and we’ve got some great plans. It must be way hard to be a YSA bishop because there are so many callings to give out, but I know it’s definitely inspired. 

Anyways, have a nice week, bye!

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