Monday, September 28, 2015

My Descent into the Underworld

Ok, so I have two epic stories to tell you about this week. I have decided that I am actually a Hero. Because I am in a literature class when we talk about heroes especially greek ones. So I’m going to tell you my second story in Greek Epic form. I’m sorry this is so long. If you don’t have a lot of time, just read my epic poem. It’s pretty cool.
Anyways, this week, we had homecoming, and there was a parade. And I was in it. I marched for the first time in my life. I thought it was going to be really bad, but then we discovered that because Ephraim is so small, it took about ten minutes to march the entire parade. Heh. But it was fun. Then we had an American Football game, and I burned again, but not as bad as last time. So that was fun. I think I was going to say more about that, but I don’t remember anything else cool about it.  Guess what? THIS IS ADAM! Well. Back to Ryan.

Then heavy-hammered Mike decided to go to hang out with a girl.
So he invited his friends noble Adam and quick-witted Ryan.
But noble Adam had Calculus homework to do, 
So quick-witted Ryan left him to do his homework in peace,
And they left the flat. But then quick-witted Ryan discovered
That the so-called “hang out” was a trap,
Because it was just him and heavy-hammered Mike and 
Two girls. So they went to Walmart and bought
a lifetime supply of sugar and set off for the girls’ Lair.

So, across the River they drove,
The awkward love triangle and quick-witted Ryan,
They came to the gate and called for the guard,
The long-haired guard came to the door.
What is your quest? His booming voice challenged.
We are here to eat some pomegranate style chocolate milk,
They answered. Then you may enter.

Up the stairs to the castle of Hades they went,
Past the three-headed Cerberus and the shade of Medusa,
They descended and ate their pomegranates and 
Played a game Hades called “The Game of Hell.”
Then it was eleven o’clock, and quick-witted Ryan
Realized they were in danger and left and 
Brought heavy-hammered Mike out to the sun and they went
Home to their own flat and went to bed.

The End

(The pomegranates are cookies and chocolate milk by the way. And the Game of Hell wasn't actually bad or anything, it was just a card game, I don't know why she called it that, but I thought it was fitting so I left it in there.)

Ok, so anyways, this week I discovered something pretty cool. Again. Well, I already knew it, but then I did it, and stuff. Anyways, what happened is, I was starting to stress about things that were out of my control, or were happening too slow and things again, and I didn’t want to go down that trail again, so I decided that I was just going to focus on good things I could do to help other people. And as soon as I started focusing on other people’s problems, mine just sort of disappeared. And then I was blessed on top of it and things out of my control happened in a good way. So anyways, here’s the story. We went to a band breakfast thing before the parade. And Dr. Fullmer, who reminds me of Mr. Campbell so much, told us that we couldn’t have any waffles until we learned three new people’s names. So I learned the names and just kinda got on with it. So then as I was standing in line (I was one of the last ones because I kept getting moved around and stuff) I discovered that there was a girl sitting by herself looking pretty uncomfortable, so I thought, “Hey, I can sit by Mike and all of the saxophones, or I can go and sit by someone who is lonely and talk to them.” Needless to say, it was a pretty easy decision, so as soon as I got my waffle, I just sat down right next to her and just asked her what her name was. I think it was probably the boldest thing I have done since I came to college. And it was so cool! Because she gave me really short answers at first but I just kept trying, which is like pulling teeth because I’m terrible at making conversations with people anyways, but then she finally opened up and started returning questions and it was really nice. Then our breakfast thing ended and I warmed up. The end. 

The EndThe EndThe EndThe EndThe EndThe EndThe EndThe End THE END. THE END!

P.S. That was a Beethoven joke, if you didn’t get it.

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