Monday, September 30, 2013

Yay.. another email!

This week was pretty good.  We had twenty lessons, and yesterday we decided on a date for our investigator to be baptized.
On one day during the week, I forgot which, we went to the chapel to have a lesson with one of our investigators. He is usually really happy to see us and stuff, but this time he was pretty stressed. He has been having a hard time finding a place to live for himself and the girl he has been living with, who was living at her mom's temporarily. He had basically started loosing hope that he would ever find a place for them, but we talked to him about how he could be comforted by The Holy Ghost and showed him some nice Mormon Messages, and then we played and sang a song with him. His favorite hymn is 86, "How Great Thou Art" and we played it, and he sang, and then we did one verse really fast, and it actually cheered him up a lot. Then yesterday we were talking to him about baptism, again, and we gave him a scripture to read, and we were about to leave, and our fellow-shipper, who was baptized in March, said that he sort of procrastinated his baptism and he regretted it, and then David said that he wants to be baptized next month. Yay!

Someone just left for his mission in this ward, and his grandpa got called as the ward mission leader, and his mom got called as a ward missionary, and she's also been assigned to get us Tea Appointments (dinner appointments), so between the two, the ward has basically been turned around because they're both really assertive, but they're really nice, and basically made it sound like we're incapable of making meals for ourselves, which is not totally true, but now we have all of our dinners, and probably a little more than that planned out for the next two weeks.

And they've decided to start having weekly ward activities to build ward unity and to fellowship less-actives and investigators, and they want me to play jazz at them, so I'm fine with staying here for a long time... ;)
Yup. Bye!
Elder Ferguson

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