Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas/ Boxing Day

I'm getting transferred this week so don't send me any letters to my address, just the mission office. I'm glad you gave me the pictures of my family and Midnight in the book thingy. I showed that to some investigators last night and it really helped them to see that I'm pretty much a normal person. 

Well, anyways, Christmas was good. I watched Indiana Jones on Christmas with some members, and then we went over to some Hungarians and they had a party and played gypsy music. So that was pretty good. It was really funny to watch one of our Hungarian members dance. He's really good, and he's pretty old. He has a son in his twenties. 

On boxing day we went to the chapel in Oldham with some other missionaries and I played a lot of the music you sent me. That was really good.

So anyways, happy new year. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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