Monday, December 16, 2013

Ward Christmas Party / Every nation kindred, tongue, and people.

(Everything written in pink is from me - Amy, his mom)
I had asked him if he's got his Christmas package from us.  He responded:

I probably won't get it until January because it will go to the mission office and we don't get stuff from there until we have a zone meeting and our next zone meeting is in January.

Did someone send you the picture of me playing my trumpet at The Ward Christmas Party?  

(Yes, and they're on the blog now.)
I had told him about our ward Christmas party and teased him that he probably couldn't jet out of there as soon as he was done eating, like he was use to at home, in his new ward on his mission, from their Ward Christmas party.  

 I actually did leave it early because it was late at night and they started playing dodgy music, so hah. 

I will probably Skype you from a member's house around the middle of the day sometime. Like one o'clockish or something. I'm only allowed to Skype with my family members, so don't let anyone else over on Christmas cause they aren't allowed to see me. What is your Skype address thingy? 

This week was good. We taught a lot of people. We are teaching a Romanian family too now, and we have a Latvian potential investigator and a Polish potential investigator. And we have a Nigerian family we're teaching, so that's pretty fun. We had about 12 Hungarians show up to The Ward Christmas Party on Friday. That was really funny. The ward members didn't know what to do about it. 

Well, Bye!
Elder Ferguson

More from Mom- 
After reading this last part of his letter I kept thinking of a phrase that kept coming to my mind.  I looked it up.  In the Book of Mormon, Alma the prophet is entrusting the records (which is now the Book of Mormon) to his son Helaman, and He said of the records, 

"They should be kept and handed down from one generation to another… until they should go forth unto every nation kindred, tongue, and people."   

It sure sounds like that is happening.  I never even heard of Latvia!  I had to look it up.I googled and found out that the Book of Mormon is printed in 91 languages, if Wikipedia is right.  I couldn't find it on the LDS website. 
I can't wait to talk to him at Christmas and ask a few more details.  

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