Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas at the Mission home / Learning to speak Hungarian…

Wow, so yesterday we went to the mission home for Christmas dinner and stuff, and it was really good. Sister Preston played the video of my solo that I guess you sent them the link to. Or maybe my ward mission leader forwarded it. 

It must have been the ward mission leader.  It wasn't me. - Amy

Oh well, I don't have a lot of time to email today, but I think there were a lot of things I was going to tell you… :/
I forgot what they were.
Oh, we are teaching like twenty people who are Hungarian. I am learning a lot of Hungarian now. My ward mission leader probably told you all about it already. He thought it was really funny. XD
We're also teaching a Romanian family. Right now Elder H is using google translate to learn the baptismal interview questions in Hungarian. It's pretty exciting. We may start baptizing them this month. 

We went caroling at an old person's home on Sunday and I played the piano. That was nice.
I think there was still more I was going to tell you, but I don't remember what it was. Oh well, maybe I will write you a letter if I remember.
Elder Ferguson

I found the following pictures on his mission's facebook page.  (These ones are ones that have Ryan in it.)  I downloaded them and am posting them on here too.  Check out his smile!  He looks so happy.  If you want to see more of them you'll have to go to my facebook page.  These are the ones with Ryan in them. - Amy

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