Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Missionary

Hello Everyone!!
Today I am really happy and I don't know why! 8D So this week, we haven't been able to get in contact with the investigator that put off her baptism until yesterday we finally saw her after church. (she didn't come to church because she was going to her son's football game to support him, which I guess is an ok excuse) She said she has been super busy at work and she hasn't had the opportunity to really see us or her sister, but she will be baptised soon still probably. *I just realized why all english people spelle thingse withe 'e's on the ende of theire wourdse, it's because you just naturallye hit it with your finger all of the time anyways*  Anyways, She's doing good. She'll be fine.
This week, we went to a baptism in St. Helens and the person who got baptised, who has only been learning about the church for two months, bore his testimony and it was like a general conference talk. He was quoting scriptures out of the Book of Mormon and he prepared the whole talk himself. It was pretty amazing.
Umm... I actually don't have a whole lot else to say. We helped a member with her maths homework a few days ago. I'm actually still pretty good at it. 
I almost forgot. A few days ago I went on exchanges with Elder Ryan Smith from Bountiful. So that was pretty interesting. He made me lift weights. He was going to send me a picture but he hasn't yet. Oh well. I don't like fasting very much. It makes me really grumpy until I eat. Maybe that's why I'm so happy right now. Maybe all of the happy chemicals in my brain are still singing because I finally gave them nourishment after a day. Well, anyways, Bye!
Elder Ferguson

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