Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, I don't really remember anything that happened this week, so I'm just not going to write you. Sorry bye!

Elder Ferguson

A NEW RECORD IN SHORTNESS!  Sigh…. - That boy!  I guess the past two weeks of having awesome letters will have to do me, whether I like it or not.    

I got some pictures from a member that lives near him in England , here's one of them, and she told us that he was at her house this week for tea and they taught in her home.  That's pretty cool.  Thank goodness for the good members in England. I sure do love them!  - Amy

Ok that little twerp was just kidding.  He just sent another letter.   He's still my Ryan and likes to tease!  Doesn't he know that's not a thing to joke about with mission moms???!!  :)  - Amy

Just kidding! I DO remember this week! Haha. 

This week, we did a lot of walking around talking to people and tracting. It was really fun. I love it. It's the best. We have been working with a less active member. He is really funny and he tells a lot of funny stories. Anyways, he has been struggling with coming back to church, and yesterday, he wanted to come to church but he couldn't because of work commitments. But, there was a fireside that happened last night that he did come to. And that fireside was a fireside by some temple missionaries, and the temple president and his wife in Chorley. It was super spiritual and you could tell that he could feel it while he was there. The fireside was great. They also had some really good muffins at the end. :)

 This week, we also found out that I am staying here, and so is Elder F. Yay. :) This week is the start of the new transfer and one of the sisters in our ward is going home to Canada and one is going to be here being trained. That will be fun. We will also have two Elders in our district who are both from Utah. One is Elder S and the new one is Elder C. That will be fun. Elder C is a redneck. Anyways, that's pretty much it. Next week, we are going to the temple as a mission on Tuesday. That's super exciting, especially because of the fireside last night. Well, that's pretty much everything this week. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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  1. Haha I have to chuckle at that because our Elders, serving here in my ward, made a statement yesterday that eventually the emails will get shorter and shorter, such as 'hi mom, I'm doing fine, love you, bye.' Oh Nooo it's starting!