Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Do I look like I need to be saved by you two?"

This week has been very fun! We have been having a good time! Here are some questions that my mom told me to answer...

 What has been your biggest success? 
My biggest success was probably that I loosely transcribed about four minutes of music in about half an hour last night so that we could re-word the mission song with cynical sarcastic remarks about the mission instead of the hopeful meaningful words that the song really has. I will send you the mp3 of the real thing next week if I remember. Heh. I think my biggest success missionary-wise was that I have had a renewal of faith as I have continued to carry on. I have great character, and this question is doing wonders for my humility. :)
  • Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? 
My favorite person this week is Jesus Christ. I don't mean that sarcastically either.  He atoned for my sins. He gets what I am going through. He is the reason that I have no excuse to not do my best. Without Him, all of this would be a waste of time, and I hate to not be efficient. 
  • What are you looking forward to this coming week? 
  • I am looking forward to doing some service this week painting a lady's fence. There are so many people in this one small area that always ask us for service and it is great to be able to go out and help those people. I think one of the great ironies of missionary work are that now that we are not being paid, we love to cut people's grass.
• Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. Of course I have goals for this week (see PMG ch. 8)! I always have goals. My biggest goal for this week is to find new investigators so that we can go and teach them. That would be nice. :)

Well anyways,  this week has been nice. This morning I discovered that I have tan lines underneath my glasses. Yes. Tan lines. In England.

 Some of my favorite quotes from this week have been:

'Do I look like I need to be saved by you two?' 
'Go eat your tub of ice cream and love it!' 
'You are the best district leader we've ever had, and we're not just saying that.' (I am not a district leader fyi) 
and also a line from our rewording of the EMM song (I don't remember the first part, it was something about obedience) '-because I'm aspiring.' hehe. Well, anyways, I'll talk to you next week. Bye!

Elder Ferguson

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