Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of General Conference

Well, this week was nice. We had transfers on Wednesday. It was pretty exciting. Elder T is really nice. He's from Canada and his father is from Samoa. He's pretty funny. We didn't get to see the last session of General conference because it was at nine and we were in the flat already. I will download it today and watch it at the flat. I liked Elder Oaks's talk in the Priesthood session about priesthood keys and authority. I think it's very interesting how things work in the church. I also really liked President Uchtdorf's talk about gratitude. He said that gratitude is the father of all Christlike attributes. That's pretty nice. It's also very simple. I also liked President Monson's talk about Charity and saying kind things to others. I was listening to them and thinking, why do they just talk about such simple things? Don't we already know this as members of the church? Then I realized that we probably don't. Obviously if the President of the Church thinks that it's important enough to talk about to the entire church, it should be important to us. If we want more deep-doctrine talks, or exciting announcements about lowered age limits or sealed portions of books, we should probably start really working on the things the prophet tells us. Maybe we should drink the milk they're giving us, and eventually we actually will get meat. If you aren't already studying Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard has invited and followed-up and re-invited you to do, maybe you should start in chapter six and see how you're doing on the basics. :)

I also liked Elder Holland's talk, but I don't remember what he said, and the text isn't available. Oh well. Have a nice week. If you didn't get anything out of Elder Ballard's talk, read it again! 

This week we also had a great tea appointment with a member. She invited another member as well and we had a great time. I think that they are probably my two favorite members. The food was really good. The members in Crosby are all really nice. =)

Elder Ferguson

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