Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Learning about Accountability

Well, this week was Easter so the libraries were all closed. That is why if you are a missionary and already emailed me twice you have two emails from me now, and that's also why I am sending an email on Tuesday instead of Monday if you aren't a missionary. :)

This week, we pretty much did the same things we've been doing. We just kept working and trying and doing stuff. This is weird because I'm on exchange in St. Helens and the computers are super posh and I keep accidentally going into a weird programming console thingy whenever I try to hit backspace...

This week we had a specialized training, which is a fancy word for a zone meeting with the assistants and president. It was pretty fun. We talked about accountability. It was really nice. We have been focusing on accountability this transfer and I finally figured out why it is a good thing at the specialized training. 

I thought they were just doing it so that they could micromanage us,  and the Zone Leaders just wanted to know everything we did, so they could tell us off. But that's not it! 

It's about recognizing the consequences of our choices and accepting responsibility for them, as well as repenting (making changes) when we need to. Accountability is really just making sure that you know what's going on. It helps you to learn, and that's pretty much all we're here for as missionaries here. :)

We also did the service I mentioned last week. The weather has been super sunny all week (except for today it is raining). I got a sunburn. But it wasn't as bad as my knees a few years ago, so it was ok. XD We just painted fence for almost the whole day. And then we went home and went to a tea appointment. So that was nice.

Just so you know, transfers is in two weeks, so you should probably not send any post to my flat in case you actually happened to want to. Haha, bye!

For Mother's Day, I think I will probably be able to call or Skype you at 8pm which would be an hour after your church, or something like that. You would have to go straight home though just in case. I will talk to my companion. We are on exchange right now so I'll let you know for sure next week. Maybe.

Elder Ferguson

No talking after church for me on Mother's Day  :)   I can't wait!  :)  - Amy

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