Monday, August 11, 2014

Special Missionary experiences

If you are a missionary, I have a chase for you! Go to your "Adjusting to Missionary Life" Missionary Resource booklet and you need to find the missionary that looks just like me. I will give you a hint. I have the same tie. GO!!

Anyways, this week has been really good, it's super weird cause last week, we mostly just went tracting, and pretty much nothing happened and we just got frustrated, and then this week, we pretty much just did the same thing expecting different results. (just like Alber Einstein supposedly said was the definition of insanity haha.) But, we actually did get different results. We actually found tons of prepared people this week, including this man that I will describe....

So on Saturday, we were going along, minding our own business, knocking on doors and telling people how to live their lives, when suddenly, a man opens his door and looks at us and says, "Are you Mormons?" We said, "Yes." And then he said, "Come on in," and he opened the door wider. Now, I know what you're thinking, I was thinking the same thing. In fact, the whole reason I am writing all of these seemingly unnecessary sentences is so that you can ponder upon the same things that I was thinking at the time and feel the same sort of anticipation that I felt. Is he about to tell us off? Is he going to offer us drinks and try to poison us? Does he have a massive Bible on his coffee table waiting to bash us? Well, I will tell you, no. He was actually really nice. He said that he used to live in London somewhere and he lived right across the street from one of our chapels and we had helped him to find his ancestors, but he didn't know anything about what we believed and he'd been curious for about twenty-five years.

Haha, we didn't even know what to say so we just started teaching him stuff and he asked us about the plan of salvation and we pulled out the picture and he read ahead and sped things up so we ended up teaching him the whole thing in about five minutes. And then we left, and we have an appointment with him next week. It was pretty amazing. 

In other news, we have started proselyting with family history instead of just the Book of Mormon and it is working wonders because people feel the spirit when we talk about families. I think we probably knew our families before we came to earth and that is why people feel so closely attached to their families and not so much to Jesus. So yup.

Woops, I forgot the best story from this week. We started talking to this man, and I can't remember what we told him, but he talked for a few minutes and then he invited us in. He was really curious about what we had to say and he had an amazing story to tell us as well about how his son was lost in an Asian country and he went to go find him. It sounded like a movie. He also talked about how he wasn't sure how to gain faith and he didn't think he would get an answer to his prayers. But he was interested in what we said and when we asked him to read the Book of Mormon, he said no. We bore our testimonies about it and then he asked if he could just take a look at it. He started flipping through, and then a miracle happened. He said "oh, look at this" and he starts reading Alma 32:26. The Book of Mormon resolved his concern and we didn't even have to say a thing. He read it and he kept going. He said something about what a great coincidence it was, but we could see in his eyes that he felt there might be more to it than that, and then we said, there are no coincidences and he said maybe there aren't. He kept reading, and, as we knew this chapter so well, Elder Van Bakel pointed out that the next part would compare it to a seed. The man was amazed that we knew it that well, and he kept reading and the Spirit was there WAY STRONG! He tried to give the Book back to us and we almost laughed. All three of us knew that he was feeling it and he couldn't give it back now. And we are going to see him on Wednesday. It's so exciting!

Have a nice week, bye!

Elder Ferguson

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