Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teaching experiences


This week, we pretty much just still went tracting. We saw the man that read Alma 32 again. I will call him "John" just because I might actually end up emailing about him because he's a real investigator. He was really nice, and we had another 'coincidence.' Me and Elder W, who I was with on exchange, he's a greenie from Utah, were getting off the train and walking along the platform and a man in front of us turned around and did a double take. It was John! It was great, and we started talking to him. After a couple of minutes of talking to him and walking with him, he said, "So what are you doing here today anyways? You aren't here to see me, are you?" Haha, we said yes. So he invited us in for tea, and we politely asked for water, and he let us in and he said he can't believe that Joseph Smith saw a vision, but that's ok, because he hasn't prayed about it yet. He said that he would and we said we'd come back this week again. So yay!

On Saturday, we decided that we have probably tracted Newtown pretty well by now. In fact, I would guess that we've done at least 85% of it. So we decided to ride our bikes to another neighboring village just for fun and tract that out. We did two streets, and we almost hit the halfway mark. We're going back on Thursday. We met a man. I will not say what church he belonged to, because that might not be very nice, but he told us that we were not the true church, a lot, so we talked to him. We reasoned with him. We bore our testimonies to him. We got him to contradict himself. He still didn't listen. He told me that I was "Saved" because I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior. Then I told him I still believe in the Book of Mormon, and he told me that I was deceived by the Devil. I asked him if it mattered, and he changed the subject. He gave us a paper that told us about some of the things we believe that I didn't know about, and we told him we'd have a look at it and come back, but unless something miraculous happens, Thursday will be the last time. ;)

Also, we had our interviews with President Ulrich this week. He knows a lot of stuff. He asked us how we were doing and pretty much just made sure that we were healthy and we weren't going to kill our companions and that we had testimonies and then asked us if we had any questions, and we did, he knows a lot of stuff, and I know a lot of stuff. Read the scriptures. They will tell you lots of nice stuff. One of the scriptures I read with him was Alma 13 https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/13?lang=eng.

  Have a nice week, bye!

Elder Ferguson

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