Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello all of you!, This week,  I have a story and a new doctrinal sermon. Surprise!!, 

So this one day, we're doing the same things we always do, hoping for different results,  as usual,  and we knocked on Jill's door,  and guess who answered? Jack! Jack who has been hiding from us for like a month! And he was like,  "Hiya mate, how are you?" And I was like,  "Hiya Jack, where on earth have you been?" But I already knew where he had been. Or rather,  I could smell where he had been... But he is turning around again,  and he wants to be active and live the commandments again,  so that was good.
Then we went to a couple's house. I need new names. Peter is a recent convert and Rebecca is not a member. We have been seeing them pretty much the whole time I've been here and they really like us coming over. Rebecca always tells us that she isn't interested in the church because she's smokes and drinks tea. But she listens to every lesson and she loves having us over and she posts Book of Mormon scriptures to another member that she's friends with that she looks up herself, so she pretty much is ready. So one day when Rebecca was in the other room,  we asked Peter what we needed to do to get her to live the Word of Wisdom and he says,  "Oh, well, yesterday I found an electric cigarette and some nicotine patches and she said they were hers. She just doesn't want to tell anyone she's trying to quit because she doesn't want you to be disappointed if she doesn't actually quit." So that was nice. We're bringing her to church now. She mentioned going to church and now we're going to bring it up every time we come over... :), Phew,  this email is already really long. I can't actually remember what I was going to say. But it had something to do with 1 John 4 and 5. 

Have a nice day. 

Elder Ferguson

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