Monday, April 6, 2015

April General Conference & New Companion, Elder N. /Staying in Rochdale

Ok, well, I have no clue how long I'm really going to be on because I wasn't even going to get a computer today and now I'm on one. I really don't want to say anything about this week because obviously, General Conference will take plenty of room. 

I loved conference! It was so fun, and there are tons of things that I could write about  but, there are a few main things I just want to point out. Probably my favorite talk out of the whole conference that I heard was by a seventy whose name I forgot.


He told the story about the indian and the drums. He said that you can learn to dance, but it won't do you any good until you can hear the music. Listen to the music, it's so good. I've met people who are dancing but they can't hear it and they always inevitably either make the choice to listen until they hear, or they just stop dancing. Don't do the last one. It won't make you happy. That's what I've been working on this week, making sure that I am listening to the music loud enough that I don't feel awkward dancing. 

I probably better end this now before I get pulled away by someone, but listen to the prophets! And don't just listen to them, be honorable, keep all of your commitments. If you want to claim membership with the church of Christ, you need to keep the Laws of Christ's Church. If you want to claim citizenship, keep the laws of the land. If you want to be a missionary, keep the rules of the mission. 

I'm getting a new companion named Elder N, and I'm staying in Rochdale. Have a nice week, bye!

Elder Ferguson

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