Monday, April 20, 2015

Two Unique Appointments

Well, this week was nice. We had our first proper Portuguese lesson. It was funny. I kinda got what they were saying, because I know some Spanish, but not really, but the best part is, the man we taught was a preacher or something like that in another church. Then later that day, we were walking in the area and we stopped a lady and Elder N set up an appointment with her in Portuguese, and she told him her address, and I just heard the number of her house (they all live on one massive neighborhood of flats so they are just numbered from one to about three hundred or something) and I thought, oh, she lives close to our other investigator. Then Elder N told me what her exact address was, and it was the same. We met our investigator's wife. So now we have an appointment with her on Wednesday and an appointment with her husband on Saturday.

Ok, so anyways, guess what I've been reading about? The second coming! Because I just finished Mormon and it's full of prophecies about the last days. Here are some of my favorite things about it. Mormon says that in the last days, Israel will be gathered. And the Book of Mormon is a huge part of that. That prophecy is being fulfilled as we read it! Look at 3 Nephi 29:1-2:

And now behold, say unto you that when the Lord shall see fit, in his wisdom, that these sayings shall come untothe Gentiles according to his word, then ye may know that the covenant which the Father hath made with thechildren of Israel, concerning their restoration to the lands of their inheritance, is already beginning to be fulfilled.
And ye may know that the words of the Lord, which have been spoken by the holy prophets, shall all be fulfilled;and ye need not say that the Lord delays his coming unto the children of Israel.

When we preach the Gospel and when we share the Book of Mormon, we are gathering Israel. And someday not too far away, we are going to gather to Zion literally as well as Spiritually.

Ok, bye!


Elder Ferguson

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