Monday, May 18, 2015

New Companion, Resolving Concerns, & More Church Meetings

So anyways, we haven't really done anything that exciting this week. But, we did find out that my companion's name means crazy cow in Portuguese. That was funny. Because his name is V…, which is cow girl in Spanish, but it's even funnier in Portuguese.

We have one investigator that's kinda come pretty close to getting baptized, but now they're just stuck because her step father is a member of another faith, which I will not name because I'm about to... not show very much respect to it. Basically, her parents will have problems with her if she joins the church, they already did when her husband got baptized. So she probably would have gotten baptized a long time ago if it wasn't for them, but hopefully if we just keep working with her, she will eventually realize that she can just do it anyways. The funny thing is, she actually told us that she knows that if she joins our church, she will get an even bigger family, so hopefully it will not be too long. I will probably still Skype that family when I get home. Just to make sure she eventually gets baptized.

Anyways, ward council was really fun. Our ward mission leader forgot it was happening, so me and my companion (the other two missionaries in our ward thought it started an hour later so they weren't there either) got to have pretty much an interview with the high councilor over missionary work and the stake president. So that was nice. We talked to them about all the stuff that was going on in the ward and they asked us about how the ward can be more involved in missionary work and how they can get involved and stuff. And then, magically, we had a surprise coordination meeting on Saturday. So that was good. And on Sunday, the stake president spoke about calling on the powers of heaven and so did his councilor for the priesthood lesson. It was great. They were quoting Preach My Gospel and everything.

 We believe in the same organization that existed in the Primitive Church, namely, apostles, prophetspastors,teachersevangelists, and so forth.


PS. Was that long enough for you Abbie?


Elder Ferguson

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