Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Meeting w/ Elder Dyches & Elder Allan, Stake Leaders & Mission President - iPads are coming….

Well. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. It's my last transfer. It will be an extra long one. So that's not too bad. So here are some of the things that happened this week. We had a full-mission conference. And stake conference. So we got to have a meeting on Saturday with Elder Dyches from the First Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Allan who is the managing director of the missionary department of the church because we're getting iPads, eventually. Hopefully this month. And then we went straight from that to the Saturday session of Stake Conference. And then on Sunday, we got to hear from our Stake President, and President Ulrich, and the Chorley Temple President. It was great. And then at the end of Stake Conference, I got to go see all of my old friends from Middleton and probably my favourite member in the UK. So it was good.

A ghost walked into a bar and the barman said sorry, we don't serve spirits.

I'm getting a new companion, he's from Spain and his name is Elder V.

Ok, now I will tell you some deep doctrine because I think it's pretty interesting and it has a lot to do with iPads, even though they didn't really directly mention this this week. So when we go to Missouri right before the second coming, we're not going to all go at once. It's probably not going to be announced in General Conference. The problem is, even in the church, we still have some foolish virgins. Some people simple cannot live the Law of Consecration and we can't establish a Zion society without a Zion people. And that means there is going to have to be some sifting. And my personal opinion is that that is why the Lord is Hastening His Work. Because He is calling everyone to Zion and that means that He wants His saints perfected. So we're getting iPads. The reason that they are giving us iPads, and Elder Allan told us this, is because they want to teach us safe habits and practices with technology so that we will have a more 'sin-resistant' generation. The Hastening of the Work is in preparation for the Second Coming because we need more pure-in-heart saints. So yup.

By the way, the Book of Mormon is true, and so is the Bible as far as it is translated correctly. (A of F 1:8) I don't really have anything else to say about that. Bye!


Elder Ferguson

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