Monday, June 22, 2015

Going to the temple in England one last time and saying goodbye to England…

Ok. So, I'm going home in a couple of days. So if you want to email me my email is going to be 

So anyways, this week was nice. We went to the temple with President Ulrich and that was wonderful. President taught us all sorts of stuff about the symbolism so that was good. Then I've mostly just said goodbye to everyone. And because there's a missionary going home from Middleton, I have been on tons of exchanges to Middleton so I get to say goodbye to lots of my friends! And I saw a few of my favourite members on Sunday and stuff so that was good. 

I'm pretty sad to be leaving England. I like it here. And I don't really get to come back for a while. But it's ok. At least I have facebook and skype and stuff so I won't really be that far away. 

 1 John 1:13-14

Elder Ferguson

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