Monday, June 8, 2015

The Longest Week Ever….

Longest week ever...

Not really, but it was pretty long. Because pretty much nothing happened, and then my companion got sick. So we got to sit around all day. And I made a new discovery about myself. I hate sitting down, and lying down. I only like walking. I was pacing in our flat pretty much all day, and opening all the windows so we could get lots of fresh air blowing through, and killing flies because the windows were open, and pacing, and watching Mormon messages on my companion's iPad, and pacing.

So anyways, I will tell you about our wonderful amazing day yesterday, which was pretty much the only day that anything happened this week. We had a multi-stake conference, even though we had another stake conference like a month ago, but this one was special because it was broadcasted from Scotland. And Elder Holland was there, so that was nice.

Anyways, Elder Holland talked about the Book of Mormon. I think he has a pretty powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon.  It was epic. The first speaker was a Scottish seventy. Then we had a Swedish lady. Then it was a Scottish Stake President. Then we had a sister who was about to serve a mission. Then we had Elder Texiera and his wife (I don't know how to spell their names). Then we had Elder Holland. And ALL of the talks were good. It was way nice. I would tell you about them, but you have to be a member in the UK or Ireland or some Nordic countries that I can't remember. But it was great. I have to be careful how many sarcastic understatements I make or people are going to think I'm serious.  Also, I don't really think I could retell any of their talks anywhere near the way they told them. That's the main reason I won't really explain it.

Also, when we were waiting for the bus to go to church, a young man sat down next to me and asked how he can become a missionary. I told him he has to join our church first. So he asked how he can do that. So we're seeing him tonight. I'm pretty excited. 


Elder Ferguson

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