Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm Home!

Hello. Because of a certain request that I have received to not make people trunky, I will just complain to you about all the things that are bad about going home. So… On Wednesday, I woke up, and the wonderful missionary I was on exchange with assumed that I wasn't going to want to work that morning (which was pretty much right but I was going to go out anyways) and he decided to remind me that I hadn't been released yet. And then we didn't even end up going anywhere anyways because a member came to pick us up super early and take us to five guys. 

Then I went to transfer meeting and someone put a missionary with less than zero music points to make a musical number so I got to play the spirit of god while four or five Elders tried to sing along an octave too low because they also had negative music points. 

Then we stayed up all night and I won't tell you what I was doing because it was actually fun, but then we got on a plane in the morning and went to Atlanta and it took a long time. I think about seven hours. Then we got food (I won't say what restaurant we went to because you would be jealous). Then we took another super long flight. Then we went home. And I got released and finally after 48 hours of no sleep, I finally got to bed. I guess one positive thing I can say is I didn't have jet lag. I was just really tired when I got to sleep at normal utah time to sleep. 

Anyways, it wasn't really all that bad, I had a lot of fun. I am really sad to be home actually, I wish I was in England. Especially because in Utah right now it's around 33 degrees outside and in England it's closer to twenty. It's too flippin' HOT! 

Ok, have a nice week, bye!

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