Sunday, August 23, 2015

Snow College!

Oh my goodness. College is probably the best idea ever. Whoever thought of having a school where you only study one subject all the time was a genius. It’s so much better than doing everything. 

So basically, this week has consisted of I went to college last sunday and did nothing because there was nothing to do. Then on Monday, we had a orientation thingy for freshmen, so I got to take a tour of the WHOLE ENTIRE campus. So, about five buildings. It’s pretty small. But that was nice. And some “motivational” speaker came and talked to everyone about dating and relationships. So that was nice I guess. Then on Tuesday, we had more of the same, but it was shorter. I also found out on Tuesday that I was supposed to have a song prepared on the Trumpet for an audition on Thursday. So I got to start working on that. Haha. Also on Tuesday after all the orientation stuff, Adam and Mike got here! I was so happy because I was getting really bored and my other room mates are weird. So I sat around in the flat while they got registered. 

Then on Wednesday was the first actual day of school. So we went to our classes. Mike and I had one at 7 in the morning. I think it was the first day since I got home that I woke up before 6:30. Anyways, that was fun. Then we had all of our other music classes, and by the end of Thursday, my lips were perma-chapped. It’s super annoying, but it’s way nice because I get to play my trumpet for hours every day! I think I’m already a little bit better than I was before the mission and I’m loving it. 

My jazz audition didn’t go to well. The professor didn’t look too impressed. Oh well. 

Also, Adam spoke in church today for his real homecoming! It was so good. He talked about the Atonement in his mission. Then someone else spoke in his ward about a lot of things. I thought it was really interesting because he talked about Alma and the Zoramites and how they were all members. So instead of looking at it with a perspective of teaching non-members you can look at it as less-active work, and personal study. So that was interesting. 

Anyways, have a nice week, bye!

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