Sunday, August 30, 2015


This has been a long week. It feels like forever since I wrote my last email. So this week, not a lot has happened. I made Jazz Band though! I’m so happy about that. I’m in the Jazz Band and I’m in a combo with Grant who played the sax with us at woods cross. So I’m pretty happy about that. 

Yesterday we had an American football game and we got to come with the pep band. The dumb thing is though, is that (possibly because we are a junior college) the game started at 11:30 or noon or something. And there were no clouds. So we all burned. I put sunscreen on before and I still burned. But it was fun.

This week in institute we talked about the Doctrine of Christ. I love it because it’s so simple. The way Brother Scott put it, you just do the Will of the Father, even though you don’t know why, and even if it doesn’t make any sense. It’s amazing. 

Also, we had church today. It was probably the best thing ever of the week. It felt so good to go to church again and wear missionary clothes and talk about missionary stuff. And then we had a fireside from a seventy that spoke in Adam’s mission a lot, and he was amazing! He talked about the gifts that God has given us to help us to be happy. He gave us the light of Christ, or the ability to know good and evil, he gave us agency, and he gave us the Atonement. The tree of life is the love of Christ and it is desirable to make one happy. So read your scriptures! Drink the living waters! 

Be happy, have a fantastic week! Bye!

PS I also learned today that Mike can sight sing. Who knew?

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