Thursday, July 11, 2013

 July 10, 2013

     We woke up and made it to the airport about 8:30am.  We got him all checked in and said our goodbyes right before the security line.  Everyone got to hug Ryan goodbye and then we just watched him go.  

This was the flight tracker we got to watch him fly there.

July 11       ( 1st Email from Ryan)

                     iimm hheerree  

                     ii  ddoonntt  kknnooww  wwhhyy,,  bbuutt  tthhee  kkeeyybbooaarrdd  iiss  ttyyiinngg  ddoouubbllee  lleetttteerrss.  II  mmaaddee  iitt  hheerree  ssaaffeellyy,,  pp  ddaayy  iiss  oonn  wweeddnneessddaayy,,  ssoo  tthhaatt''ss  wwhheenn  ii''llll  mmaaiill  yyoouu  aaggaaiinn.  HHooppeeffuullllyy  tthhee  kkeeyybbooaarrdd  wwiillll  wwoorrkk  nnoorrmmaall  nneexxtt  ttiimmee.  TThhaatt  wwaayy  yyoouu''ll  aaccttaauullyy  bbee  aabbllee  ttoo  rreeaadd  mmyy  eemmaaiill.  ssoo  yyeeaahh.  bbyyee.

                    2nd email / same day

                     Never mind, I guess it works now. The plane trip was cool. It really took about ten hours, but it sort of took about 20 because of the time change. I got all of my lugage and stuff. There were a whole bunch of missionaries leaving from the same airport as me, and we were all going to manchester and leeds. There was also one sister who is going to germany, but she's like a test subject or something. So yeah. I'll probably actually have something to tell you about next week, but I sorta just got here. Bye.

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