Thursday, July 25, 2013

From a Sister in the Mission office.

This is part of a letter I just received from the mission office.)

...Just as a side note, your son has come to one of the most historic missions in all the world.  England is called the “Cradle of the Restoration” because of all the new and deeply faithful converts who immigrated to America from here.  

Also, he arrived just in time for the first-ever British Pageant called “Truth Will Prevail” to be held on the grounds of the Preston, England Temple starting 31 July 2013 through 10 August 2013.  
All of our missionaries get to attend.  

Secondly, President Preston and his wife will be taking all of the EMM missionaries on a one-day tour of historical places in England—the Liverpool Docks where these Saints sailed to America; River Ribble where the first baptisms took place; and then on to Downham where early missionaries preached.  Elder Ferguson will be telling you all about these activities, I’m sure.

Best regards, Sister O (EMM office)

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