Monday, July 29, 2013

A letter from Elder Ferguson to Our Family

INSERT  (I just googled his address and found a picture on "street view" of the address.  I don't know if this is correct, but I'll ask him.  -Amy

I'm going to be here for at least 2 transfers (three months) so Elder Gabler says to send you the address of the flat. 

Elder Ryan Ferguson

Flat 2, 8 Kingscliffe Street


M9 4PG


This is a little faster than email, but I would still think email is better. Although I can write longer letters because I don't have a time limit in the flat. I forgot to bring my camera to send emails again, so I'll send you all of my pictures next week.Instead of always sending a new email, could you just reply to old ones? That way I can keep all of my emails from you in one conversation. 

I'm in the Ashton Zone in the Middleton Zone. We're in the Middleton ward. 

Point A is where their apt is Point B is Where their area is.

The people in the ward are super nice. They feed us almost every night. 

 The bishop's wife wanted to email you, but I forgot to give her you're email address, so you might get an email from her next Sunday.

 They don't have any pianists in this ward, so they've been using CD's for almost a year in sacrament meeting. They say that the CD's are horrible. They've decided I'm not allowed to ever leave their ward because I play the piano. 

There's a less active lady in our ward from Nigeria that gives us ramen noodles, but they have a different name and they're from Nigeria. That's pretty much all I can think of. Bye!
(Ryan likes Ramen Noodles, so I think that's a good thing.)
Elder Ferguson


  1. When Cardston first went out on her mission we did a lot of replying to conversations in emails. BUT it made it very hard to print them out and keep track of them and I wanted to print out all her letters home. When I went to print out the new email then it would print out all of them and it got really confusing. Now when I send emails to Cardston AND Lizzy I put the date and mom in the subject box. They know when and whom it is from instantly. It has made it a little easier for them. Just a note from a slightly seasoned missionary(sister)mom!!!!

    1. Thanks for the idea Mona! I am having fun reading about your girls too!