Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Letter in the mail! Yay!

(I typed out his letter) - Amy


This week was good.  I don't really remember what happened on Tuesday, but I'm sure it was great.  Wednesday we went on a tour of some historical church sites.  We went to Liverpool, which is a port where a lot of saints emigrated to America.  They said there was a time when there were more members of the church in England than in America.  There was also a museum there, and it had some stuff about the pioneers.  It also talked about taxes, which was really interesting.  I sent you a few pictures of the exhibits.  Some are kind of funny.  A lot of people are on welfare here...

We also went somewhere else.  I forgot where, but we saw the river the first baptisms in England happened in.  It was pretty cool.  There was a chapel there that we had a meeting in talking about church history.  I don't remember if I said, but I was asked to be a part of the musical number for it, playing piano.  There wasn't a piano in the chapel though, only an organ.  I don't actually know how to play the organ, but I told them it was fine.  I was just supposed to accompany them anyways, so once we had finished talking over what we were going to do right before the meeting and people stopped watching me, I started freaking out.  I don't know how to play the organ.  Then I said a prayer, and I felt ok about it.  Then we couldn't find the organ so we just sang a cappella.  Anyways... Yay! :)

I went on an exchange with one of the other missionaries on Thursday.  He was from Ecuador, I actually ended up doing more talking than him.  That was weird.  I have a Spanish Book of Mormon, so I think I might just learn Spanish just cause I need something to do in my free time...

We also went to the temple today.  It was a little different than I've experienced before, but it was good. ;)

Yesterday, my companion and I did the conversion for Petrol (Gas) prices, and I guess it's about $8/gallon here...but the cars get way better mileage.


Elder Ferguson

                                            I think Ryan is in the back in the middle right side with the blue tie.

I also got an email that came this morning.  It reads:

P-day got moved to Wednesday because of transfers this week. I still don't have much time though, so I'll send you a letter, but I have one story I already typed for Adam, so I'll copy that one here. Also, could you send me some money? my Side bag has already fallen apart. It wasn't very good, so I need to buy a new one... :/
I met a man on the bus on Monday, and this is what happened.

Man: Are you a mormon?
Me: Yes! (yayayayayay! he wants to know about the church!)
Man: Can I ask you a question?
Me: yes. (of course)
Man: What does God look like?
Me: A man. (So far so good. :) )
Man: You should have checked first. You just follow man.
Me: What?
Man: When you put your shoes on in the morning, do you check to see if your toes are attached first?
Me: (oh no...) Uh, no. I actually already know they're there...
Man: Yeah, that's flesh, so that means you believe in man.
Me. -
Man: You have to check first- do you know what the difference is between a mind and a brain is?
Me: (well this is awkward...) Well, I guess it -
Man: Let me give you a hint, what does a brain run on?
Me: Uh, oxygen...?
Man: Let me give you a hint! What is the difference between a dog, what does a dog's brain run on?
Me: uh...
Man: A dog's brain runs on instinct, and....

Then I got off the bus. The end. :)

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