Monday, September 16, 2013

Update with pictures! - Nice and neat. (Oh good!)


If you send me letters, it usually works best to send them by air mail or something like that. I don't think it costs any more, you just have to get a sticker or something. At least that's how it works here. 

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This week was good. I don't remember anything that exciting that happened. We had a lesson with someone this week after about two weeks of not seeing him. He has a really hard life, but he wants to believe that God can make things right, even if he doesn't think it's very fair that He would make things this way in the first place. Last time we had an appointment with him, we showed him the chapel, because he says he has a hard time trusting people and he doesn't want to go to church if there are a lot of people and he's never been there before. We showed him the baptismal font, and this week he said that ever since he saw the chapel, he's thought every day that he would like to be 'blessed in the water.' So hopefully, once he really understands what baptism is, he'll be ready to be baptized. So that was pretty exciting.

We had another investigator who has been living with another woman. They weren't in a relationship, but they lived together, and they didn't like each other enough to get married. It was really tough, because he couldn't kick her out into the street, but he wanted to be baptized as well, and he couldn't be until she had moved out. But this week, they fell out, and she left to her mom's house. They're figuring out a way for her to live on her own, but now our investigator can be baptized, so I guess there's still some good that can come out of it. He doesn't really want to settle for a date, he wants to 'take it slow' and all that, but hopefully soon he can be baptized. =)

I don't really have anything else to talk about, but here's something kind of funny I noticed reading Jesus the Christ yesterday. Jesus referred to himself as 'The Son of Man,' but Mary is not a man. And Joseph is not his father. So what is he saying? ;)

Elder Ferguson

He also sent some fun pictures I'll share with you:

Below: I edited this pictures to take off the names for privacy sake, but where there is a black dot, there was a name beside it.  You get the picture.

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